Year: 2013

How do I live with Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disease of unknown origin.  People with this disorder have often been misdiagnosed in the past for suffering from depression.  Although psychological distress is often the cause of their pain, Fibromyalgia is not a psychiatric illness.  Only recently have people, after having this disease for over 5 years, being accurately diagnosed with it.

Fibromyalgia is a progressive illness that, in its early stages, appears for only a few days at a time, and is usually worse in the morning, easing up somewhat in the early afternoon.


Terrible pain in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and facial connective tissue
Pain is burning, stabbing or throbbing and is accompanied by extreme fatigue
Have difficulty falling asleep, as well as having a problem     staying asleep – causing exhaustion
Severe joint pain, sometimes accompanied by swelling,     redness and heat
Rigor Mortis – feeling like turning into marble
Achy, flu-like symptoms, Nasal Congestion & Post nasal  drip
Frequent Urination, accompanied by burning and  pungent odour
Vulvar pain & painful intercourse
Hair loss, brittal and peeling nails and skin become very  sensitive to touch, mottled skin
Blurred vision & Dry eyes
Heart Palpitations
Feeling of numbness or tingling in arms, legs, hands, feet
Heightened sensitivity to lights, odours and sounds
Metallic taste & sugar cravings
Dental tartar accumulate on teeth and break off
Anxiety, digestive disturbances, IBS, lack of energy, lowered pain threshold, weight gain
Pain is most severe in lower back, hips, neck & shoulders     and is accompanied by muscle twitching, with increased     sensitivity to heat or cold and any changes in weather.
Pain does not go away while resting and it may even     worsen when on move.

Alternative Treatment

Symptoms can be alleviated with one or more of these alternative therapies, remedies and supplements.

Aerobic Exercises:  Biking, jogging, swimming and walking raise level of endorphins, body’s natural pain reliever, and increase serotonin levels.

Aromatherapy:  Essential Oils like Chamomile, Ginger, Lavender, Marjoram and Rosemary relief pain, but should be applied cautiously, preferably by an expert.

Reflexology:  It removes toxins from the body and increase homeostasis.

Osteopathic Massage:  Deep tissue massage that increases mobility and reliefs muscle spasms and tightness, providing instant pain relief.

Diet:  Food, i.e. Brown Rice,   Buckwheat, Chickpeas, Green Vegetables, Kidney Beans, Lentils, Millet, Nuts, Seeds,
contains Magnesium, which have a calming effect and help relax muscles.  It also aids in removing toxins from the body.

Herbal Remedies:  Devil’s Claw reduces inflammation and aids in removing toxins from the body, whereas St. John’s Wort increases serotonin levels.

Homeopathic Remedies:  A wide variety of remedies is available for bruised and overworked muscles, pain, stiffness and headaches, but should be prescribed and evaluated by a registered Homeopath.

Supplements: Magnesium aids in relaxation and helps reduce joint sensitivity, Melatonin helps regulate sleep patterns, Coenzyme Q10 speeds up metabolism and increases serotonin levels.

Researched by :Erika Myburgh
Bayview Centre, Mossel Bay
083 654 9292 •

Recipe of the Week – Fish cake focaccia with tartare sauce

Serves: 2
170g pack 2 essential Waitrose Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes
2 mini essential Waitrose Rosemary and Sea Salt
Focaccia rolls
1 tbsp capers, chopped
1 cornichon, finely chopped
1½ tbsp essential Waitrose Half Fat Mayonnaise
70g pack wild rocket

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C, gas mark 7. Place the fish cakes on a baking tray and bake for 14–16 minutes; add the rolls to the tray for the last 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, mix the capers and cornichion into the mayonnaise to make tartare sauce.

3. Halve and toast the rolls and place some rocket on the bottom half, top with fish cakes then add a spoonful of the sauce. Place the top half of the rolls on top and serve with the rest of the rocket.

Boating with man’s best friend

Taking along man’s best friend on your boating trip could be a great adventure for both you and him/her. For your furry friend boating is like riding in his dream convertible with a blast of sun and fresh air from all directions. Nose in the air, ears blowing in the wind and his/her favorite people; what could be better! Most all dogs have mastered the famous “Doggie Paddle” but it’s always important to stay as safe as possible. Your dog should always wear a life jacket when both in and near the water. That holds true even for breeds of dogs that traditionally love the water and take to swimming quite easily. Such breeds include the following: American Water Spaniel, Barbet, Boykin Spaniel, Bedlington Terrier, Cantabrian Water Dog, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Epagneul Pont-Audemer, Flat-Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Lagotto Romagnolo (a.k.a Italian Water Dog), Münsterländer (large and small), Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Otterhound, Portuguese Water Dog, Spanish Water Dog, Standard Poodle, Newfoundland , Puli, Wetterhound When taking your dog on water related outings it’s important to keep the following five items in mind. • A towel just for your dog • A shirt or sweater made out of water-resistant material • A non – spill water bowl and lots of fresh bottled to put in it • A pooper-scooper and a trash bag or two • A life jacket for your dog Another tip to consider is shade for your friend. Even though your dog may have many opportunities to jump into the water, it’s important he/she has a cool relaxing place for resting. Boat surfaces, such as fiberglass, can get extremely hot in the sun. Dogs absorb heat through the pads on their feet so be sure to protect them. Your dog will surely be enjoying himself/herself so much that excitement could hide the fact he/she is overheated. Now that you have most everything covered pick the perfect day to go have that amazing adventure with your whole family! Always keeping safety first, your dog is bound to h ave the time of his/her life. Enjoy your trip! •



Raadsheer Emil Scheepers, Raadsdame Marie Ferreira (Uitvoerende Burgemeester), Dr Michele Gratz (Munisipale Bestuurder),
Me Estelle Burger (Omgewingsbeampte), Mnr Piet van Zyl (Departementshoof van Plaaslike Regering,
Omgewingsake en Ontwikkelingsbeplanning van die Wes-Kaapse Regering) en Raadsheer Jim van der Merwe by die funksie in
Stellenbosch waar Mosselbaai aangewys is Groenste Munisipaliteit vir 2013 in die Wes-Kaap.

Mosselbaai is Dinsdagaand (19 November 2013) as die wenner van die Wes-Kaapse Groenste Munisipaliteit vir 2013 aangewys, en het in die proses prysgeld van R120 000 losgeslaan. Mosselbaai sal nou ook die Wes-Kaap in die 2013 Nasionale Groenste Munisipaliteit-kompetisie verteenwoordig.

Die aankondiging is gedoen by ‘n onthaal wat gisteraand in Stellenbosch gehou is. Sewentien van die 24 plaaslike munisipaliteite in die Wes-Kaap het vir dié jaarlikse kompetisie ingeskryf.  Drakenstein was tweede, en Swartland en Overstrand het die derde pryse gedeel.

Mosselbaai het ook drie van ses kategorieë van die kompetisie, naamlik vir lugbesoedeling; energiedoeltreffendheid- en bewaring en vir leierskap, voldoening, institusionele reëlings en publieke deelname gewen. Die Munisipaliteit het ook die toekenning vir innoverende projekte vir sy biodrupsypelprojek in Voorbaai ontvang.

“Ons is uiteraard verheug oor die toekenning want dit het harde werk en sorgvuldige bestuur van ons aksies en projekte geverg. Behalwe die feit dat ‘n gesonde omgewing in die belang van al ons inwoners is, is Mosselbaai ook ‘n toerismebestemming wat baie belangrik vir die plaaslike ekonomie is. Dit is dus noodsaaklik dat ons aandag gee aan aspekte wat Mosselbaai so aantreklik en aanloklik as moontlik vir toeriste maak, en hierdie toekenning toon die Munisipaliteit se erns met die saak,” het die Uitvoerende
Burgemeester, Raadsdame Marie Ferreira gesê.

Mosselbaai het verlede jaar die tweede plek in die kompetisie behaal. Die Munisipale Bestuurder, dr Michele Gratz, het gesê die prysgeld sal, soos verlede jaar weer, teruggeploeg word in projekte om Mosselbaai se status as die Groenste Munisipaliteit in die Wes-Kaap te handhaaf.
Die kompetisie het vroeër jare bekend gestaan as

die Skoonste Dorp-kompetisie, maar is sedertdien uitgebrei tot ‘n baie meer omvattende kompetisie wat onder meer faktore soos afvalbestuur, kusbestuur, luggehaltebeheer en waterbestuur insluit.•


Mosselbaai is besig om sy vere reg te skud vir nog ‘n Diasfees, en die reëlings vir die volgende fees van 30 Januarie 2014 tot 2 Februarie 2014 is reeds ver gevorderd.

Soos die met die vorige twee feeste, sal toegang gratis wees om dit vir soveel as moontlik mense moontlik te maak om die fees by te woon.

Lugvertonings, wat in 2012 en 2013 sulke hoogtepunte was, sal weer deel vorm van die 2014-fees, terwyl ‘n vuurwerkvertoning ook beplan word. Die SA Polisiediens sal aan die fees deelneem, terwyl die Indonesiese Konsulaat-Generaal in Kaapstad ook weer hul deelname in die gees van die feestema van “Waar Kulture Ontmoet” bevestig het.
Onderhandelinge met van Suid-Afrika se bekendste musikante, onder andere Idols-wenners Elvis Blue, Heinz Winckler en Sasha-Lee, en finaliste soos Lloyd Cele, Crushanda Forbes en Gift Gwe, om by die fees op te tree, is feitlik voltooi. Nog bekendes met wie onderhandel word, is Emo Adams, Ray Dylan, Monique, Sarah Theron, Gerrie Pretorius en Wicus van der Merwe.
Die SA Polisiediens se berede-afdeling sal ook weer vanjaar teenwoordig wees, terwyl vertonings by die feesterrein asook statiese uitstallings aangebied sal word. Die SA Polisie-orkes sal op Saterdagaand, 1 Februarie 2014, saam met verskeie gemeenskapsblaasorkeste in die Harry Giddeypark optree.

Die program sluit weer ‘n motorsportgimkana, ‘n straatparade en rubberbootwedrenne in.  Daar sal ‘n biertent wees, en moontlik ook ‘n uitstalling van veteraanmotors en trekkers. Sowat 100 stalletjiehouers word weer by die fees verwag.
Die fees word deur die Mosselbaaise Munisipaliteit gekoördineer, en aangebied om die dorp te bemark en die plaaslike ekonomie te help stimuleer gedurende die stiller tye van die jaar. Die volledige program sal binnekort bekendgemaak word, en ook op die feeswebblad, bekendgemaak word. •

Mossel Bay Tourism warns against accommodation scams

Mossel Bay Tourism has warned anyone who wants to book self-catering summer holiday accommodation on line to book only through recognised accommodation sites.

“Please don’t book your holiday flat or cottage through any of the general sites where anyone can advertise anything for sale,” said the company’s COO, Marcia Holm.

“No matter where you’re planning to stay this summer, please only use well-known accommodation sites that offer real-time, on-line reservations – sites like, or,” she said.

“There’ve been far too many incidents where people have replied to ads on the general sites, and paid for what they thought they were going to receive – only to arrive at their holiday destinations to find that they’ve been scammed.”

Ms. Holm urged consumers to research their accommodation thoroughly– especially if you’re considering staying at a venue that hasn’t been personally recommended.

“TripAdvisor ( is always a good place to start because of the reviews you’ll find there – and if you’re planning to come to Mossel Bay, you should also check if your chosen establishment is listed with us on

“Our staff have personally visited all the hotels, lodges, B&Bs, self-catering units, caravan and camping sites, and backpackers on our site – so you can be sure that you’ll get what’s advertised there,” she said.

Mossel Bay is expecting a bumper holiday season this year – largely because of demand from South Africans, and in part also because of a growing trend amongst European residents (particularly from Holland, Germany, and Britain), who’ve begun taking their South African holidays during the Christmas period.
“In the past they avoided this time of year, but that’s changing,” said Ms. Holm. “We think they’re beginning to realise that even at the busiest time of the year, Mossel Bay still offers excellent value for money.”

Mossel Bay, she said, is the ideal holiday destination.

“It’s got 60 km of sandy beaches (with four Blue Flag Beaches at Santos, de Bakke, Hartenbos, and Klein Brak River), and it boasts probably the widest selection of attractions and adventures, as well as the largest programme of entertainment of any small town on South Africa’s coastline.

“It’s also conveniently close to all the attractions of the rest of the Garden Route and the Klein Karoo – and it’s known for being very family-friendly.

“With all these plusses available to you, you don’t want to ruin your dream holiday by falling for an accommodation scam,” said Ms. Holm.

More information:
Mossel Bay Tourism: •


Die hersiene verordening insake buitereklame en advertesietekens van die Mosselbaaise Munisipaliteit is op 8 November 2013 in die Wes-Kaapse Provinsiale Koerant afgekondig, en is nou van krag. Die verordening reguleer onder meer naamborde op sakegeboue, eiendomsagentkapsborde, lamppaaladvertensies en losstaande buitelugadvertensieborde.

Die oorspronklik verordening het in Januarie 2010 in werking getree, maar is intussen hersien en uitgebrei.

Daar is verskeie nuwe toegewings en wysigings gemaak ten opsigte van tekens waarvoor die Munisipaliteit se toestemming nie nodig is nie. Dit sluit in ‘n maksimum van twee Te Koop- of Te Huur-tekens, en een Verkoopteken wat voortaan binne die grense van residensiële eiendomme geplaas kan word. Dit sluit eiendomsagentskapsborde in. Dié borde mag nie groter as 0,3 vierkante meter wees nie, of meer as ‘n meter hoog wees nie.

Skoutekens en rigtingwysers by huise mag nou ook vertoon word gedurende nasionale skoolvakansies vanaf 12:00 voor die eerste skoudag. Dit moet teen nie later nie as 20:00 op  die laaste skoudag verwyder word.  Skoutekens mag nie vir langer as sewe aaneenlopende dae per skouhuis vertoon word nie.

Elke skouteken of rigtingaanwyser moet ‘n plakker van die Munisipaliteit vertoon, wat die wettigheid en geldigheidsduur van die skouteken of rigtingaanwyser aandui.

Die maksimum-hoeveelheid sekuriteitstekens is tot twee verhoog, terwyl munisipale toestemming nie verkry hoef te word vir nasionale vlae, veerbaniere, reklameborde in arkades, of tekens wat deel van ‘n optog is nie.

Die maksimum-grootte van vrygestelde besigheidstekens is verhoog van 0,2 vierkante na 0,5 vierkante meter. ‘n Grasietydperk van ses maande vanaf die datum van afkondiging van die verordening sal geld vir goedkeuring van alle besigheidstekens wat die perk oorskry. Sake-ondernemings moet dus ook aansoek by die Munisipaliteit doen vir goedkeuring van tekens wat groter as 0,5 vierkante meter is.

Die gewysigde verordening maak voorsiening vir ‘n groot aantal nuwe tekens wat in ooreenstemming is met die Suid-Afrikaanse Handboek van Buitelugreklamebeheer, en wat destyds in opdrag van die Direktoraat van Omgewingsimpakbestuur van die Departement van Omgewingsake saamgestel is.

Die verordening is op die Munisipaliteit se webwerf by beskikbaar.
Navrae kan aan Francis Brand by telefoon (044) 606-5078 of per e-pos aan gerig word.•


The National Youth Development Agency, in collaboration with the Youth and Local Economic Development Offices of the Mossel Bay Municipality, will host a job preparedness workshop and business awareness training programme from 5 to 6 December 2013.

Young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years are invited to attend these capacity building workshops.

Application forms can be obtained from the municipal offices, libraries, LED Office in the Goods Shed,  the Municipality’s Youth Office at the Indoor Sports Centre in Samson Street,  Extension 23 (next to the Roman Catholic Church) as well as from the community development workers.

Written applications must be accompanied by a CV and certified copy of the applicant’s identity document.

Completed application forms can be submitted to the community development workers or at the LED office at the Goods Shed or at the Youth Office by not later than 10:00 on 29 November 2013.

Enquiries can be addressed to Yolande van Aswegen at (044) 606-5224 or 0822966199 or Sharion Louw at (044) 606-5250 or 0826653533. •

Mosselbaai Kers Kunsmark

Die 9de Mosselbaai Kers-kunsmark vind hierdie jaar plaas van 17-19 Desember in die Mosselbaai-suid NG Kerksaal, h/v 15de en 17de Laan Mosselbaai.
Die mark is elke dag oop van 08:00-18:00.

Die gewilde mark is soos elke jaar ‘n paradys van unieke handgemaakte geskenke en produkte o.a. draad en herwinnings-produkte, gebak en lekkers, hout-, naald-, krale- en leerwerk, keramiek,mosaïek, kinderspeelgoed en klere, juwele, snuisterye en vele meer.
Die Kenani Dienssentrum verkoop heerlike eet- en drinkgoed ter stawing van hul

Heerlike musiek gaan almal in die regte Vakansie-stemming kry !

Op Woensdag, 18 Desember is daar ‘n POTJIEKOS-KOMPETISIE met lekker pryse om te wen.

Gesinne/families/besighede en elkeen wat lus het vir Potmaak – Kom skryf in !
Na die beoordeling kan julle lekker spog en dit ook verkoop.

Hierdie is ‘n heerlike plattelandse Vakansie-ervaring by die see  !

So bring die familie en vriende en geniet dit saam ; terwyl u Kers-inkopies doen.

Vir verdere inligting/stalletjiebesprekings kontak : Cecile by 082 2243 865 •

Lets get Legal – Electrical fencing certificates: Do I need one?

The use of electrical fencing as a means to secure fixed property, and in particular also residential property, has escalated dramatically over the last few years. To address this increasing demand the market has been flooded by suppliers offering electrical fence installation services. Understandably the necessity to regulate safety issues in respect of these installations has led to the promulgation of the Electrical Machinery Regulations in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act which regulate electrical fencing and its certification.

What implications do the Regulations have for electrical fences?

The Regulations stipulate that all electric fences installed after 1 October 2012 must be certified and have an electric fence system certificate of compliance. It also applies to electric fences that have been altered, added to or where ownership of the premises changed after 1 October 2012

What effect does the Regulations have on the transfer of property?

The Regulations stipulate that where there is a change of ownership of the premises on which the electric fence exists after 1 October 2012, the user must obtain an electric fence certificate.

This means that a homeowner whose installation was done prior to 1 October 2012 is not required to obtain such a certificate, but that such a certificate will be required by the user if the property is transferred after 1 October 2012 and the user wishes to utilise the system.

It is not stipulated which party (buyer or seller) is responsible for the certificate and it is up to the parties to negotiate the matter of certification as well as the cost thereof. In practice it often occurs that this obligation falls to the seller in the same way as with electrical and gas certification. However, the Occupational Health and Safety Act does allow this undertaking to be transferred and a clause can be included in the sale agreement which relieves the seller of his responsibility to obtain certification and places an obligation on the purchaser to ensure that the system is certified as compliant at the cost of the purchaser. This may particularly be relevant where the seller is exempted from obtaining a certificate and that responsibility falls to the purchaser who wishes to use the electric fence.

Additionally, if a certificate has been obtained, a new certificate may be required if there has been subsequent alterations or additions to the system. Accordingly, when property is sold it would be wise to add a clause in the sale agreement that states that there have been no additions or alterations to the system (if this is in fact the case), allowing the existing certification to remain valid.

Is your electric fence certificate transferrable and for how long is it valid?

The certificate is transferable from one owner to the next. Once it has been issued there is no need for another one. Unlike the electrical compliance certificate which is only valid for two years, the electric fence certificate does not expire, unless additions or alterations have been done to the electric fence after the certificate has been issued, in which case a new certificate is required.

From the above it is clear that electrical fencing certification, particularly when dealing with the transfer of property, is vitally important. Additionally it is also clear that the responsibility for obtaining the certification and cost thereof is a negotiable item which can be addressed in the sale agreement. Discuss the certification of the electrical fence with your estate agent or legal advisor and ensure that this responsibility is addressed beforehand where possible. •