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Canines thrive in a pack because this is their natural form of living. They see your household and all the family members as their pack. The pack leaders are those who not only run the household, kids and everything that goes with it. These people are also those who protect and care for their canines, saying that, people forget that a canine is not only a cute, cuddly, furry family member of the pack but also a member of the pack who needs rules. Imagine yourself not implementing rules towards your children. They would hang on your television, jump on your sofas, play with balls and cricket bats inside your house, damage control would be taken far more often than n braai with friends. Why do we allow our canines to do as they please, then expect them to listen when friends come around, they jump all over them, lick them in the face and urinate in the house.

Embarrassing right? Remember, all canines need:
· Rules.
· Boundaries.
· Limitations.

Then you can expect them to listen when you give them a command. Being a leader, to your canine, is a full time job and remembers folks if you treat your canine like a human; they will treat you like a dog.

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