Business Focus – Oasis Cafe


Oasis Cafe, is one of the oldest Cafe’s in Mossel Bay, catering for basic groceries,all airtime requirements, as well as delicious take away foods and a sit down peaceful restaurant.

When did you start your business?:
I have been the owner for 5 years now, but Oasis Cafe’ has been in business for 70 years.

What prompted you to start / buy your business?
I bought Oasis Cafe’ as another business adventure as I had been in the fishing tackle industry I wanted to get more involved with the catering side of business.

My business is aimed at?
My business is aimed at the average client, with my prices being very reasonable, I aim at affordability as well as client service.

What products / services are you offering?
Oasis Cafe’ supplies basic groceries, affordable and mouth watering food.

What is your competitive advantage?
6)  My competitive advantage must be the volume and portions of food compared to the price being paid.EG: Jumbo Burger & Chips 200g 100% pure beef patty, R42.00

Personal achievements:
I have managed with the help of my staff to grow Oasis Cafe’ even further, by offering deliveries in and around town, we have extended our take away menu to now offer a restaurant menu which is able to seat 36 people.

What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
I would imagine this to be our food, service and location.
Through experience I have learn’t that the success of my business cannot be achieved without my staff.
In future my business will offer a 24hours service on various days of the week, based on the old Road House.

What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Should we disappoint any of our clients please feel free to contact us, and for every problem there is a solution through patience. •

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