Business Focus – Pecan Nuts


Describe your business in a short paragraph:
Selling Pecan Nuts
When did you start your business?
June 2013
What prompted you to start / buy your business?
Being health “nuts” ourselves we wanted to sell a healthy product and these nuts being high in Omega 3 oils seemed to be ideal and in great demand.
My business is aimed at?
The general public and in particular health conscious people and home industries (bakers)!
What products / services are you offering?
As above.
What is your competitive advantage?
A quality product at a competitive price.
Personal achievements:
We came to South Africa in 1964 from London U.K. and within 3 months opened a photographic studio in Kempton Park under the name of Glenn Photography – we specialized in Commercial, Industrial end Wedding photography.
Our professionalism and service was immediately appreciated and accepted by the community for 40 years but then we had to close because of crime, so we chose to come down to Mossel Bay.
What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
Quality of our product with good marketing and a passion for what we do.
Complete the following statements:
“ Through experience, I’ve learnt that…..”
It’s not what you say it’s what you do and honesty and friendliness is the best policy.
What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Being 81 and my wife 76 we like to talk health and NO.1 has to be, Stop Smoking NOW and start living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the quality of life we are lucky to have in this fantastic town of ours – Mossel Bay – with its sunshine, beaches and its outstanding history.



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