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German Shepherd Training Advice On The Very Best Age To Bring Home A New Puppy

Do individuals still think they need to get their fresh puppy home around the “mysterious” 49th day?

Typically, breeders who have been from their backyard and about the block are pretty educated. But first-time customers, especially, appear to possess this issue of being over-marinated in mythology. Or perhaps it’s just a matter of very good old B.S. confusing brains.

So exactly where did this mysterious “49 days and never a minute later” concept that spreads throughout a lot of brand-new puppy selling come from? The initial mention of it in common materials made an appearance in 1961. The final sentence in Chapter three of a book by Richard Wolters said, “…get and begin your dog at the proper time-seven weeks- that’s 49 days old.” And in an additional location within the same chapter, in bold italics for emphasis, no much less, Wolters said, “Purchase your puppy and get him or her home at the precise age of forty nine days!”

Quite possibly what prompted his imagination and caused his cosmic leap to “the particular age of forty-nine days” was a report that appeared in 1959 called, “The Relationship involving Delayed Socialization and Trainability in Guide Dogs.” This particular document proposed that guide dogs experienced the right amount of attachment to people to turn out to be guide dogs when the typical age at Parting from litter mates had not been less than seven weeks. Or maybe it was a report printed in 1961 named, “Crucial Periods in the Social Growth of Canines.” Or it might have been the guide printed in 1965 called, “Genetic makeup and the Social Behavior in the Dog.”

Wolters describes all these works within his guide, which means that he seemingly found the 49-day notion from their work in some manner. However nowhere in all their written and published work do they declare to acquire the pet dog at the “specific chronilogical age of 49 days.” Wolters apparently added two and 2 and came up with 49. Precisely what did they seriously uncover?

A particular finding quite important in the 49-day time period was basically that pups within a particular litter may easily be different in developmental age by a week in just about every direction, although are all born inside of one or two hours.

This signifies that by the point the pup actually reaches 49 days since entry into the world, it may be anywhere between 42 and fifty six days old developmentally, relative to all other puppies within the entire population of pups whelped on the very same day, even to puppies from the exact same litter. And it really is the neural, physiological and bodily development, not the precise chronological age not minutes elapsed since popping in to the world that’s crucial in the behavioral stability or deficiency of it in pups, and later on, in grown-up pet dogs.

7 weeks is only a chronological age, merely the amount of days. Developmentally, it is an average which says that naturally, 95 per cent of any populace of household k9s at 7 weeks following birth will likely be around six and 8 weeks old developmentally.

Examine any litter closely and fairly each and every week with regard to behaviour dissimilarities and you’ll notice astonishing variability. You may see a few pups that are precocial, a few delayed. Just what 1 puppy does at a given age, a few did 3 days in the past and others will not do until next week.

Thus a person can certainly see that this sad to say prevelant misconception, on better evaluation, bears significantly closer analysis. will be especially interested in correct knowledge. •

Dog Obedience Training – Is It What Your Dog Needs?

Are you getting disheartened because your dog jumps up on people when you are visiting your friends? Can’t understand why your dog runs away from you at the park while everyone else’s obediently comes back? The hard truth is that your dog may require obedience training. Obedience training is a simple, effective and enjoyable activity to undertake if you have the right demeanor and a lot of patience.

The basics of dog obedience training are teaching your dog to sit, stay, come, heel, and roll over. These basic training commands will be extremely beneficial to you later on in your dog’s life. When you go out with your dog you don’t want him to be running wild in the street, you want to show him off for the great dog that he is! Dog obedience training can be achieved in a matter of weeks with the right attention, dedication and patience.

There are many different obedience classes available. So, if you can’t instruct your dog by yourself there are plenty of professionals willing to help. If you go with professional training will you be training your dog as well as socializing him with other dogs. Dogs are kind of like children to an extent, except with a lot of fur! In other words, they need to be taught the difference between right and wrong.

I always find that treats are a great method of dog obedience training. You simply award them with a special treat when they have done something you have asked them to do. If they don’t respond, they don’t receive a treat. There is no point in yelling at your dog as he will only become wary of you and you don’t want that. You want to form a happy, loving relationship with him. After all, a dog is a man’s best friend!

When teaching your dog obedience try and keep him away from distractions (like toys), and take him to an empty field or park where there aren’t many people. The ideal surroundings will be only you and him. Tell him firmly but nicely that you want him to sit, then take your hand and place it on his back and gently guide his bottom down. When he is sitting down say “sit”, and tell him he’s a good boy and then present him with a treat. Repeating this over and over again will make him realize that when you say “sit”, you mean for him to sit. When he gets rewarded, soon enough he will know to sit when you tell him to and the treats will no longer be necessary.

Getting him to stay is a completely different matter. You’ll probably need another person to help you with that. Get him to sit (now that he has learned how), and get a friend to hold him. Walk away from him slowly while telling him to “stay”, and using your hand hold it up firmly (doing this will make him understand that when you hold your hand up in the future you want him to stay as well, not just when you instruct him to). Then, give it a few seconds and let your friend release him. When he comes to you, make him sit and tell him how awesome he is! Don’t forget to reward him! While using this technique you are also teaching your dog how to come to you as well. Don’t forget to say the word “come” to him, not just his name.

When dogs are born they are like soft putty, they need to be molded and shaped. You can teach your dog from any age, but the younger you start the easier it will be. Remember, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks, they just might be a little slower to learn! •

Adopting a kitten

There are a selection of various pets that folks may get for themselves or for their children. While dogs are likely to be the more popular choice several of us prefer to have a pet which is fairly independent and does not require our full attention every minute of your day. The best pet to get for somebody like this is a cat.

The great thing about cats is that they are small and they have the ability to keep themselves unsoiled and are easily toilet trained. You likewise don’t have to feel dreadful about leaving them alone when you are at work. Most often they are going to sleep all the time and will not tear the whole place up in boredom.

There are a couple of ways in which you may get yourself a cat. The first is to visit a nearby pet store and purchase the one you feel is the best fitted to you. While this is a valuable option expect to pay a ton of money. Pet stores are able to charge you approximately $200 or more for one pet.

Another option would be to adopt it. There ought to be one adoption pet store within your area. The great thing about doing it in this way is you will commonly not have to pay much more than $100. Not only will you get a cat that needs some serious loving – but additionally , you will have one that has had all of the up to date shots. This may save you money in the long run.

Whenever you are going through the method of adopting a cat you need to make sure you fill out all of the paperwork. You’ll need to be approved before you are allowed to take one you have chosen. Also remember to buy them the mandatory supplies. •

Boating with man’s best friend

Taking along man’s best friend on your boating trip could be a great adventure for both you and him/her. For your furry friend boating is like riding in his dream convertible with a blast of sun and fresh air from all directions. Nose in the air, ears blowing in the wind and his/her favorite people; what could be better! Most all dogs have mastered the famous “Doggie Paddle” but it’s always important to stay as safe as possible. Your dog should always wear a life jacket when both in and near the water. That holds true even for breeds of dogs that traditionally love the water and take to swimming quite easily. Such breeds include the following: American Water Spaniel, Barbet, Boykin Spaniel, Bedlington Terrier, Cantabrian Water Dog, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Curly Coated Retriever, Epagneul Pont-Audemer, Flat-Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador Retriever, Lagotto Romagnolo (a.k.a Italian Water Dog), Münsterländer (large and small), Nova Scotia Duck Toller, Otterhound, Portuguese Water Dog, Spanish Water Dog, Standard Poodle, Newfoundland , Puli, Wetterhound When taking your dog on water related outings it’s important to keep the following five items in mind. • A towel just for your dog • A shirt or sweater made out of water-resistant material • A non – spill water bowl and lots of fresh bottled to put in it • A pooper-scooper and a trash bag or two • A life jacket for your dog Another tip to consider is shade for your friend. Even though your dog may have many opportunities to jump into the water, it’s important he/she has a cool relaxing place for resting. Boat surfaces, such as fiberglass, can get extremely hot in the sun. Dogs absorb heat through the pads on their feet so be sure to protect them. Your dog will surely be enjoying himself/herself so much that excitement could hide the fact he/she is overheated. Now that you have most everything covered pick the perfect day to go have that amazing adventure with your whole family! Always keeping safety first, your dog is bound to h ave the time of his/her life. Enjoy your trip! •

Keep Your Pet in a Comfortable Environment

As a pet owner, you must be conscious of your pet’s health because you are your beloved pet’s primary caregiver. Since your pets provide so much for you, it is only normal that you would want to provide them with the most comfortable environment possible. Here are some ways to ensure that your cat, dog or other type of pet is in the best environment possible.

Pet Boarding

Pet boarding services are suitable for pets whose owners are unavailable to take care of them for a certain length of time. In general, the duration of the pet boarding can vary from one night to a few month’s time. This service can be offered to a variety of pets, ranging anywhere from horses to hamsters. Pet boarding services usually include feeding, playing with the pets, training and other activities. With today’s technology, some boarding/day care centers have even installed web cameras so that you can watch your pet live on your computer while you are away to ensure that they are in the best hands. Pet boarding is a great option to consider.

Pet Daycare

Pet daycare is something quite different from pet boarding. Unlike with pet boarding, pet daycare services usually deal with taking care of the pets while the owners are at work or out for the day. At the end of the workday, the pet owners will pick their pets up from the pet daycare provider. Pet daycare services are often offered to dogs but can involve other animals as well. At pet daycare, the pets usually have everything they need from food bowls to toys and more. It is a great way for the dog or other animal to receive care and get to interact with other pets during the day.

Pet Spas

The current trend in pet care is pet spas. The main focus of pet spas is small animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits. At pet spas, the pets are often trained, exercised, pampered and groomed. There are oftentimes do-it-yourself pet spas where the owners have to train and groom their own pets in order to improve the bond between them but the spa will provide the necessary space and grooming equipment such as the wash basin, shampoo and nail clippers. Whichever type of pet spa you choose, your pet is sure to love the pampering aspect to it.

If you are looking for pet care services, keep these previously mentioned services in mind and provide your pet with the best care possible. •

Pets and Trends

Nowadays there are a great number of people wanting to own a pet. With the stress that nine to five brings, there are a great number of people who are now joining the bandwagon of owning pets. They not only treat pets as if they are spoiled animals but rather pets are treated like they are part of the family. Owners, especially those who are overly committed to the fact that they own animals as pets would see to it that pets would get the utmost attention from the owners themselves plus the regular visit with the vet.

Today, or world is actually suffering from massive destruction. With the destruction of nature with man’s need to globally evolve and explore new boundaries; man have consciously and unconsciously destroyed trees, oceans just for monetary gain. With the destruction of these vital parts of the world’s ecosystem; animals all over the world have been deprived of their natural habitat. With this problem in hand, there could come a time that the only surviving animals would have to be the human race.

For these reasons there are now a great number of people being aware of the need to take good care of animals. There are those environmentalist organizations that not only provide help for the preservation of animals but they also service future generations of a chance to see them decades from now. These environmentalist are just like the people owning pets. They not only give time, effort and money but they offer themselves in order to protect the animals.

Nowadays, the expansion of people’s love to pets have brought awareness that as humans, people should be able to not just consume and dominate the world but also to take care of it. As a caretaker of the living organisms and to prove that we are truly rationale beings capable of thinking and making responsible decisions, it is a good exercise actually to start taking care of a pet.

Owning a pet don’t have an age limit attached to it. From the young to the young at heart, everyone is welcome to be a pet owner. It doesn’t really matter what kind of pet you are to take care of, as long as you are to find yourself in a position where you could actually foster care for the animal, then you are a good pet owner. For this reason, pet owners even stepped beyond responsible and started loving their animals as if they are part of the family.

Clothes for dogs are becoming popular nowadays as dog shows have showcased their bravado for attention of not just their pet owners but also of others. Businesses providing clothing for dogs have made their work accessible for each pet owner. Virtually in every pet store you could get anything you want. From clothing to the coats for dogs, just name it and they have it. Since fishes are also getting popular nowadays, fish tank heaters are becoming the popular requests of pet owners along side the fish tank lights.

Pets could be a source of joy for anyone. They say that by taking care of a pet, it gives you back the love you give. This is true since even medicine could prove that older patients with pets have a longer life than those with none. So it is really important to love animals for what they are and take care of their welfare.

New bird hide for Mossel Bay

Botlierskop Private Game Reserve near Mossel Bay has opened a new bird hide on the banks of the Moordkuil River, which runs through its property.

Staff of the Reserve have built up a bird list of more than 200 species – including Knysna loerie, long crested eagle, swee waxbill, fish eagles, Verraux’s (black) eagle, martial eagle, black harrier, black headed heron, red knobbed coot, common moorhen, and pied, malachite, and giant kingfishers.

“Botlierskop is a great birding destination because it’s got a  variety of habitat types including wetlands, dams, coastal thicket, and fynbos,” said general manager, Francina Terblanche

Mossel Bay Tourism’s Marcia Holm said that birding is a growing niche in the tourism industry, and that Mossel Bay is “full of surprises” for birders.

“It’s good to see that our tourism products are starting to provide facilities for bird lovers, and we’re sure that more will follow.”

Pinnacle Conservation’s manager, Aiden Beck, agreed that Mossel Bay offers superb opportunities for birding.

“We’re fortunate that we’ve got a number of estuaries which attract a wide variety of birds – including greater flamingoes, which have been visiting the Tweekuilen Estuary for the last three or four months.”

He said that Pinnacle Conservation had coordinated the Mossel Bay Environmental Partnership’s two million rand Estuary Restoration Project, which had rehabilitated most of the estuaries along Mossel Bay’s coast between June 2011 and the end of 2012. Sponsored by PetroSA and instituted by the Municipality of Mossel Bay, the project  targeted the alien vegetation which impacts negatively on the physical and biological processes of the estuaries. It also restored natural, endemic vegetation to the river banks, and so returned them to a healthy, natural state.

“We’ve already noticed that the bird life is returning to these areas,” said Mr. Beck. “And the pathways that we’ve opened along the banks of the estuaries have made them more accessible for birders.”

Pinnacle Conservation also helps with the management of the 130 hectare reserve attached to the PetroSA Refinery, about 10 km west of Mossel Bay.

“It’s got quite a bit of fresh water, and we’ve seen the flamingoes there, too.”

Ironically, he said, the Hartenbos Sewer Works provides some of the best birding in the area.

Fred Orban, a member of the board of Mossel Bay Tourism and the owner of the Oystercatcher Trail, said that the Boggomsbaai area, which lies about 30 km west of Mossel Bay, and which forms a focal point of the Trail, also offers superb birding.

“We’ve had hundreds of flamingoes on the Langvlei, which is situated on the flood plain of the Gouritz River, and we often see huge numbers of blue cranes in this area at this time of year. On one occasion we estimated that there were between 400 and 600 individuals in a single area between Boggomsbaai and the Gouritz River mouth.”

The Gouritz River forms the spine of the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve (GCBR), which stretches along the coast from the Great Brak River in the east to the Breede River in the west, and inland over the mountains to Montagu, Prince Albert, and Uniondale. The government of South Africa has nominated the GCBR for biosphere reserve status under the ‘Man and the Biosphere Programme’ of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

“We expect that the GCBR will attract an enormous amount of bird tourism in the future,” said Mr. Orban.

Ms. Holm said that inland birding is as rewarding as coastal birding in Mossel Bay.

“The Mossel Bay area stretches into the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains, and properties like Eight Bells Mountain Inn, Bonniedale Holiday Farm, Gondwana Game Reserve, Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar, and many others all offer opportunities for spotting fynbos or forest species – and the raptors, of course.”

The new bird hide at Botlierskop is open only to the Reserve’s overnight guests. For information about birding at other properties in Mossel Bay, please contact Mossel Bay Tourism: •

Best Ways On How To Housetrain A Dog

It is always advisable to housetrain a dog as early as you possibly can. Just like infants, little puppies have no bladder control until they are around 3 months old. This means therefore you have to toilet train your puppy right from the start. But how do you go about housetraining? First and foremost, you have to understand that dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell, and have a natural sense for cleanliness, they will rarely spoil or soil an area, especially where they sleep or live unless they cannot help it. Here is how to housetrain a dog:

Mark the toilet area

Carry your dog outside first thing when he wakes up in the morning so that he does not eliminate upon touching the floor. Give him time to sniff around so he could find a place where he will be comfortable doing his thing, and once he does it, shower him with praises so that he knows that particular spot is his ‘toilet’.

Clearly mark a living area

You have to give your dog its own little area, and it is here that you can make use of a dog crate. Be advised though that your dog will not take to the crate immediately you introduce it, you have to do some prior training so it could get used to it. Ensure the crate is just the dog’s size, not too big or too small. For starters, you should cover one side of the crate with waste paper, just in case your dog loses his bowel control. Never shut your dog away from the family, always ensure the crate is placed in a corner within the house, a place where you can easily supervise it.

Introduce your dog to the whole house

After your dog masters his living and toilet areas, he will rarely have accidents in other rooms, and it is then that you should open him up to the entire house, one bedroom at a time. Start shifting his crate from one room to another, while keeping a close eye on him he doesn’t forget and misbehave. The moment he gets comfortable with the rooms, he will start thinking of the entire house as additional room to his little den.

Always love and respect your pet

An accident could occur because your dog couldn’t really help it, but it doesn’t mean you should scold or nag him, just treat him with love and respect and talk to him reassuringly.

Walk your dog a bit

Take time and spend with your dog, walking him around as you wait for him to finish eliminating. By helping him walk around, you will be helping him ease his bowel movement. You need to be very patient as this could take even an hour. When your dog completes his job, he deserves some praise, just as you would when you do something praise worthy.

Housetraining a dog takes a little time and effort on your part as the dog owner. Successful training means the dog can maintain the schedule for the rest of their life.

For more great information on how to housetrain a dog, visit •

Bringing Birds to your Garden

Feeding birds has become a popular habit, just like tending gardens is. There are those who have seen no point in choosing one over the other and have therefore combined the two hobbies into one. When you tend to turn your backyard into a place that wild birds can feel comfortable in then it becomes a backyard habitat.

When you want to pursue this kind of hobby, you need to understand that birds require the following in order to thrive.

• Shelter

• Protection from predators

• Water

• Food

If you need help in this respect, there are many landscapers who specialize in creating eco-conscious gardens that will include natural plants that will provide food, water and shelter for the birds that you want to attract. However if you want to do it by yourself, keep the following in mind.

Provide clean water for your birds – Water is a natural way of attracting birds. Birds will always look for a water source in order to drink and bathe. It is important to keep your bird baths clean and refresh the water regularly, Use elbow grease to clean the birdbath and refresh the water to stop mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Provide food for your birds. – Give your birds as much a variety of feeds as possible to attract a variety of birds. You can provide several bird stations so that aggressive birds do not dominate one station and keep away the smaller birds. In order to make sure that your stations are fully occupied put out some Niger seed as a special attractant for finches. Finches are especially loved by most bird enthusiasts. Do not forget to put out some Sunflower hearts as these are a specialty for many birds and will ensure that you have diversity in terms of the bird species that visit your bird feeders.

There are those birds that prefer to feed on insects. These are the most difficult to attract since open bird feeders cannot trap insects at all. The option is to provide a suet cake that has got dried mealworms mixed with other freeze dried insects for these birds to enjoy.

Put out some bird shelters to provide shelter from the elements and predators. The birds may probably become permanent residents of your backyard habitat. Keep as close to the natural order as you can.

Attracting birds to your backyard habitat will be especially rewarding as you watch nature interact and learn the changes in bird feeding behavior as the year goes by. •

Should I get my Cat Neurtered?

It’s a question that all new kitten owners need to ask themselves so first of all I’ll explain what neutering is.

What is Neutering?

In male both of the testes are removed, in female kittens the ovaries and uterus are removed. Both procedures are done under anaesthetic so during the operation your cat will feel no pain. Because the cut is so small the pain is minimal for the cats and the vet will usually administer a pain relief injection which will reduce your cats ability to feel pain while recovering from the operation.

While the cost of the procedure can be expensive and is usually around £40 each there are organisations that can help meet this cost such as the cat’s protection league.

Health Benefits

They suffer less from infectious diseases

There is less likely hood of them developing breast cancers

In females since there is no uterus they can’t develop life threatening illnesses such as Pyometra
In males since there are no testes they can’t develop testicular cancer

Helps prevent other illnesses

Social Benefits

Female neutered felines are less likely to call (that horrible noise that they make when they are in season) and males are less likely to spray. Both sexes are less likely to wander, reducing the possibility of them getting lost or stuck in a strangers garage or shed.

Benefits for you

If you have a male kitty then their urine will not smell as strong after they’ve had the operation. Both sexes also require less food after the procedure so you’ll save money on pet food.

Unless you are intending to become a cat breeder it is advisable to get your cat neutered, you can find out exact costs and information on care after the procedure from your local vets. If you are unable to afford the cost of neutering your cat remember to ask your vet for their advice as they should be able to put you in touch with your local cat protection league. •