Color Run comes to Mossel Bay


Mossel Bay will burst into a blaze of fun and glory when its first Color Run – the ‘Happiest 5k on the Planet’ – kicks off on the 16th of December, 2014.

The Color Run is an international phenomenon (it was presented in more than 170 venues in more than 30 countries in 2013, and forms the single largest event series in the USA) that ‘celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.’

The event will take the form of an untimed race, and is open to runners, walkers and the disabled.

Mossel Bay Municipal Manager, Dr. Michele Gratz, said that the Run has the full backing of the Municipality.

“It’s a perfect fit (if you’ll pardon the pun) for our strategy of encouraging events and festivals in Mossel Bay, and it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for locals and visitors alike to enjoy themselves and the natural warmth and beauty of Mossel Bay,” she said.

“The Municipality will provide logistical support to ensure that the event runs safely and smoothly given that there will be inevitable disruption to traffic on the day.

The Color Run in Mossel Bay is being organised in conjunction with local running club Hartenbos Drawwers, and will begin at Santos Beach at 9:00 a.m.

Leon Swanepoel, licence holder of The Color Run Africa Series, said that the event in Mossel Bay will work on the same formula as all others. Color Runners will be asked to dress in white for the event (or in fancy dress: tutus have proved popular) and participants will start racing in batches of about 500 each at three minute intervals in order to ensure enough room for everybody to move along the scenic route.

“Some of the colour will come from the non-toxic, 100% organic powder which’ll be launched onto the crowds at every kilometre – but a lot will come from the participants themselves,” he said.

“Most participants should complete the route in one- to two hours, and from there it’s into the festival zone where we’ll have DJs, local acts, best-dressed competitions, food and drink – and signature color blasts.”

Mr. Swanepoel said that, like all other Color Runs around the world, the Mossel Bay Colour Run will take place in aid of designated charities. “The organisers will meet early in December to finalise these arrangements,” he said.

Tickets for the Color Run will cost R 200.00 per adult (or R 180.00 for adults running in teams of four). This price include an event T-shirt and sweat band, a bag of color powder, a temporary tattoo, a printed race number, and entrance to the Finish Festival. Children under ten running in the company of an adult enter free of charge – although they won’t receive goodie bags.

Tickets are available online or from the Wimpy Restaurant in the Mosselbaai Mall, Wimpy in the Bayside Centre, or Delfino’s Restaurant on Point Road. These manual entry points will sell tickets until a few days before the event.

Registered Color Runners are required to collect their participation packs from the Santos Beach Information Centre (the Old Power Station) between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on the 13th or the 15th of December.

The event web site invites enquiries via “if you require disabled parking or have other special needs in this regard.”

Please visit for detailed information and online reservations. •


Die Mosselbaaise Munisipaliteit het ‘n skoon oudit vir die 2014-boekjaar behaal, die derde agtereenvolgende jaar dat die Munisipaliteit die prestasie behaal het. Dit plaas Mosselbaai ook onder net vyf persent van 278 plaaslike munisipaliteite in Suid-Afrika om drie of meer agtereenvolgende skoon oudits te behaal.
“Ons as Raad is absoluut verheug oor hierdie uitsonderlike prestasie. Baie min mense besef watter prestasie dit werklik is om ‘n skoon oudit te kry. Dit beteken baie meer as net dat die Munisipaliteit se finansiële sake in orde is. Die Ouditeur-Generaal se oudit sluit ook oudits ten opsigte van die voldoening aan finansiële en nie-finansiële wetgewing asook die implementering van verskillende bestuurstelsels in.
“Die prestasie getuig van die gehalte van die Munisipaliteit se bestuurspan en personeel, en die Munisipale Bestuurder, dr Michele Gratz, en haar span moet gelukgewens word met ‘n derde agtereenvolgende skoon oudit. Dit is harde werk, en verg bestuur van die hoogste gehalte,” het die Uitvoerende Burgemeester, Raadsdame Marie Ferreira gesê.
‘n Munisipaliteit kan een van vyf oudit-opinies, van baie goed tot baie sleg, van die Ouditeur-Generaal kry, naamlik ‘n ongekwalifiseerde oudit sonder enige ander sake (‘n skoon oudit), ‘n ongekwalifiseerde finansiële oudit met beklemtoonde sake, ‘n gekwalifiseerde oudit (opinie kan nie gegee word oor die finansiële state in hul geheel nie weens onreëlmatighede of onakkuraathede), ‘n afwysing (‘n opinie kan nie gegee word nie oor die finansiële state in hul geheel nie omdat die state nie voldoende voltooi is nie), en ‘n negatiewe opinie omdat die finansiële state nie ‘n korrekte weerspieëling is van hoe die munisipaliteit sy finansies bestuur het nie). •


Mosselbaai se Kersliggies word Saterdag, 6 Desember aangeskakel.
Die geleentheid gaan ongeveer 19:00 by die Harry Giddeypark plaasvind.
Kom maak gerus ‘n draai, waar musiek en sing deel uitmaak van die jaarlikse feestelikheid.

Honde op Strande

Tye en Gebiede waar honde, op onder andere, die volgende strande, onder streng voorwaardes toegelaat sal word:

Vanaf 1 Desember tot 31 Januarie 2015 – 5:00 tot 8:00, en
18:00 tot 20:00

– By Hartenbos – tussen die Riviermond en Klein Brak
– Diaz strand – tussen die Mond en Bayview
– Klein Brak – ( blou vlag strand uitgesluit)
– Reebok en Tergniet
– Dana Baai – tussen Eerste en Tweede Strand
-Santos – slegs tydens die Diaz Fees se honde loop

Vanaf 1 Februarie tot 30 November – 6:00 tot 20:00 mag honde op die bo-genoemde strande saam met hulle eienaars wees.

Die volgende streng voorwaardes sal geld en toegepas word:
– Honde moet te alle tye onder streng beheer wees.
– Honde moet aan ‘n leiband wees.
– Honde mag nie ander se pret bedreig nie.
– Kwaai honde moet gemuilband word.
– Persone sonder honde kry voorkeur op loopweg.
– Honde ontlasting moet dadelik verwyder word en in ‘n geskikte vuilgoeddrom geplaas word.
– Tewe op hitte word nie op publieke strande toegelaat nie.
– Gehoorsaam te alle tye publieke strand area kennisgewings.


New tasting facility for Mossel Bay’s only winery


Architect Francois van Zyl’s sketch for the new wine tasting hall
at Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar. The facility will be opened officially
on Friday, 5 December

Mossel Bay’s award winning Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar will open its new restaurant and wine tasting hall on its estate outside Herbertsdale on 5 December.

The facility boasts two venues: a main tasting room that seats more than 100 people, and a smaller room for private functions.

Owner and winemaker Jantjie Jonker produces nine different wines from the grapes he grows at Jakkalsvlei – a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Pinotage Coffee Edition, Mount Cuvée (a Pinotage / Merlot blend), River Cuvée (Chenin Blanc / Sauvignon Blanc), La Perlé Rosé, a Hanepoot, a Red Muscadel, and a port-style ‘Trop’ (from Tinta Barocca grapes)

Mr. Jonker has won several national awards at the South African Young Wine Show: his Hanepoot was voted champion sweet wine in 2009, and took silver in 2012, while his Red Muscadel was champion in 2010, and took bronze in 2012.

The tasting hall was designed by local architect Francois van Zyl, who said that he was inspired by the tranquil setting of Jakkalsvlei with its rolling vineyards amongst the hills of Herbertsdale.

“The saying ‘wine is art’ describes this unique sculptural venue,” he said.

“The light steel-shed-type industrial architecture – which combines earthy tones with local stone cladding from the farm – was designed to make a statement as you descend from the road into the valley.

“Two identical but contrasting sheds are juxtaposed to provide a pleasant interior space for wine tasting, wining and dining. The high ceilings enhance the shed-like feel, and the interior flows onto an outside deck which provides excellent views of the vineyards and the hills below.

“A fully equipped kitchen, wine cellar, offices and function hall complete the facility.”

Mr. Jonker said that the restaurant will offer a simple but interesting menu of build-your-own pizzas, cheese platters (“with cheeses that have been chosen to compliment our wines”), and desserts, and that the drinks menu will include Jakkalsvlei’s own cocktail – the Muscapolitan (a combination of Red Muscadel and summer berries) – as well as soft drinks, fruit juices, and coffee.

The facility will open to the public on weekdays from 09:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9:30 to 3:00. “But we’re hoping to eventually every day of the week – as soon as we manage to obtain a license to sell wine by the bottle or the case on Sundays,” said Mr. Jonker.

Mossel Bay Tourism’s Marcia Holm said that Jakkalsvlei makes an important contribution to the town’s offering to visitors – both because of its products, and because of its regular annual events, which include a “Pick Your Own Hanepoot” season in March, as well as the Jakkalsvlei Mountain Bike Race in January (12, 35, and 75 km – next running on 24 January, 2015)

“We’re very excited about Jakkalsvlei’s new venue because it finally provides a solution for people who want to enjoy a wine estate experience in our part of the world,” said Ms. Holm.

“We believe it will become a significant attraction for the town, and for the Garden Route, too.”

CSF – COMMUNITY SAFETY FORUM – (Volunteers) Gemeenskapsveiligheid Forum – (Vrywilligers) COMMUNITY POLICING

Around Seven months ago, in conjunction with SAP Dagamaskop, a community safety forum ( neighbourhood watch) was started in Sector 2 , Hartenbos Heuwels, Menkenkop, Seemeeupark Bayview. The CSF has grown and expanded into Hartenbos, Islandview and Aalwyndal and the membership has grown to around 160 participants.
All of the Sector 2 areas are patrolled around the clock where it is possible, specifically at night and crime prevention has been very successful. The ATKV management has come on board and we work very closely with them in combatting crime in our area.
We are asking that the community gets more involved in our venture as it is all community based and for the betterment and benefit of our local community.
Please be vigilant during the holiday season as there are always incidents of petty crime in the area when house windows are left open, articles are left in vehicles, handbags, wallets, laptops and cellphones “disappear”.
Those in the camping areas, please try to lock valuables away and secure bicycles, scooters, surfboards and other loose articles that are easy to ‘carry’ away when these are not being used. There is always excellent security presence in these areas, but without the co-operation of the visitors, it is impossible to protect these areas effectively.
Always ensure that your vehicle locks properly when parking it. Park in safe areas and take note when approaching your vehicle on your return.
Be very aware when using ATM’s in the area.
The CSF emergency numbers are:
Hartenbos : 079 244 7472
Hartenbos Heuwels: 060 828 4359
South African Police Dagamaskop : 044 606 2200
Further enquiries regarding the CSF: Warrant Officer – Tommie Kleynhans 082 522 1709 •


Die doelwit is om die straatparade wat op 31 Januarie 2015 as deel van die 2015 Diasfees gaan plaasvind, ‘n geleentheid van groot jolyt en gees vang te maak, en die Munisipaliteit nooi skole asook besighede om vlotte vir die geleentheid in te skryf.

Die 2015 Diasfees sal van 29 Januarie 2015 tot 1 Februarie 2015 gehou word, en daar word reeds fluks gevorder met die reëlings vir die fees wat deur die Munisipaliteit gekoördineer word as ‘n projek om die dorp te bemark, en die plaaslike ekonomie te stimuleer. Die Santoskaravaanpark sal weer die feesterrein wees.

Daar was vanjaar prysgeld van R10 000 vir die beste skolevlot, en dit word beoog om ook prysgeld vir ander vlotte in 2015 beskikbaar te stel. Optogte per voet is ook welkom.

Belangstellendes wat meer inligting oor deelname aan die straatparade wil hê, kan vir Gordi Smit by die Munisipaliteit by (044) 606-5089 bel of per e-pos by kontak.

MUSINGS – Oom Jannie se Dood

Oom Jannie is dood. Gisteraand. Seker so ‘n paar weke in die bed gewees met g’n mens weet wat nie. Maar nou is hy dood.

Dood kom so maklik deesdae; gaan so maklik oor my kop verby. Oom Jannie, wat die eerste vreemdeling was wat saam met tannie Gerty kom saam huil het oor Pikkie soveel jare terug totale vreemdelinge wat net een ding met ons in gemeen gehad het: Wéét van seer…..

Ons het laaste tyd nie veel kontak gehad met oom Jannie en tannie Gerty nie so amper asof ons hulle, en hulle ons, ontgroei het. Maar oom Jannie het tog aljimmers met een of ander predikant ‘n twis aangehad: Leerstellinge, erediensformate, onstigtelike kerk noem maar op. Laas wat ons daar was, al na hy bedgekluister geraak het, had hy nog te sê dat hy en Ds. Kloppers vrede gemaak het. En toe haastig bygevoeg het “nie een van ons het standpunt prysgegee nie, maar ons het vrede gemaak…”

Watter vrede is dit? Die tipe wat sê ek is reg jy is verkeerd, en ons stem saam om te verskil maar verkondig nou nie meer in die openbaar dat ons kwaad is nie? Is dit vrede?
Wie is reg? Wat my weer terugbring by die soeke na ‘n absolute waarheid. En dit moet tog bestaan, nie waar nie?

Maar, hierdie se kant van die graf sal g’n mens weet nie, en anderkant die graf maak dit minder saak as gister se bietjie sonskyn.

Oom Jannie is dood. So maklik om dit te sê, solank mens nie dink nie. Maar as dink inkom, dan… wel, dan raak dit anders. Hoe voel dit om hier weg te gaan en “anderkant” te kom sonder ‘n oomblik wat verlore gaan?

Oom Jannie is dood. En daarmee saam een van die eenvoudige mense wat nie meer so volop is nie. Eenvoudig in die sin van reg of verkeerd. En gewoonlik is ek reg en die ander verkeerd. Hy was maar net so ‘n tipe mens.

Was ………….. en in die toekoms sal ons almal van hom praat in die verlede tyd. Want sy tyd om nog iets in die hede te doen het uitgeloop
Wat is die slaap, ‘n wondersoete ding… sluit dan so my oë, o Heer…..

Oom Jannie is dood.
En daarmee saam, seker ook ‘n klein, baie klein bietjie van my.
Oom Jannie is dood. En more staan ek seker weer springlewendig op om nog ‘n dag deur te bring soos ‘n kind wat miljoene het om te spandeer en alles uitgee op snuisterye wat oormore weer, vergete, in die hoek of onder die bed bly lê.
Ja, oom Jannie is dood.

van die Redaksie


Stilbly is soms die antwoord !
Dit lees en leer ons ook in die Bybel in Spreuke. Nou hoekom is dit tog so moeilik om net eers te dink, voor jy praat…hoekom??

Hoekom besef ons keer op keer te laat dat dit dwaas is om “dinge” te sê as jy kwaad is ?
Ja, net om direk daarna te wens ons het dit nooit gesê nie.

Ongelukkig is ons vroue dikwels hieraan skuldig, ons praat te veel, te maklik en luister te min. (Jammer as ek veralgemeen.)
Maar onthou net, dit wat gesê is kan NOOIT teruggeneem of uitgewis word nie.

Nee, moet nie ophou praat nie – stiller sagte woorde op die regte manier, regte tyd en met die regte gesindheid, praat die hardste.
Maar al weet ons dit alles, fouteer ons so maklik weer en weer.

“Stilbly”, kan natuurlik ook teen jou werk.
Dit is nie altyd wat ons sê nie, maar “HOE” ons iets sê.
Ai, daardie “HOE” deel …. Die vinnige handgebaar, die oë wat dak toe gerol word, die frons, die gevoude arms, die aangeplakte glimlag, die kopknik, die trek van die bekkie, ‘n grinnik, die gaap …. dit alles stuur ‘n boodskap, en gewoonlik nie ‘n mooi boodskap nie.

Maar in die hitte van ‘n argument laat ons gerus probeer onthou – vergeet kom met tyd, maar vergewe is ‘n lewenslange letsel.

En in die woorde van Maya Angelou: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”