Dealing with Painful Emotion

The sudden shock of a loss, such as the death of someone you love, is a form of unconsciousness which reduces your analytical power. The Analytical Mind shuts down to some degree.

These painful emotion incidents are caused by sudden losses such as the departure of someone important to you, the loss or failure of a job or business or the sudden loss of your possessions. After losses such as these, you may not feel like you have as much vitality as you had before.


Well, you’re alive so there must be a force or flow of something which keeps you alive. What is this energy, this “stuff” of life? Call it “Life Force”.
Think of it as the gas that fills a hot air balloon. The more you have, the stronger your thrust to survive and succeed is and the more energetic, active and happier you are. The less you have, the less vibrant and alive you are, and the weaker your thrust to survive and succeed becomes.

So, where does your “Life Force” go?

Emotionally painful experiences such as these capture your “life force”, making it unavailable to you. The less “life force” you have, the less free your emotions are and you are left feeling sadder, “deader” and less alive.

As you live forward from childhood and suffer loss after loss, more and more of your “life force” becomes sealed up little by little in your Reactive Mind. As your enthusiasm for life lessens, so does your potential to survive. The glory and colour of childhood seems to vanish but this beauty and sensitivity to life isn’t gone. It’s just trapped within you. Release this trapped “life force” and you experience a renewed vigour and enthusiasm for life. •
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