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Phillip Page a successful businessman gave up his business concerns to pursue his lifelong passion her in Mossel Bay.
Phillip is a well-known local animal behaviorist, who now assist dog owners to better understand the needs of their canines. Having been called out at all hours to assist Police and animal welfare organizations to subdue aggressive dogs, he finally decided that he needed to do something about the ever increasing number of dogs being abandoned or abused by their owners.

Phillip said: “Over the last few years, I have witnessed numerous accounts where owners were fed up with their pets, purely because they were not educated in the needs of the animals.
People buy adopt or even rescue animals for all the wrong reasons and once they get them home, they realize that what they have actually entered into did not meet their expectations.”

“When I go out to these scenes, it is apparent that more often than not, it is the lack of understanding that has given rise to the problems. People love a cuddly puppy, but apart from house training, there is not much else that is done with the pet. When the dogs get older and are no longer so cute, then they are pushed outside and almost forgotten. It is then that the real issues start.”

Animal behaviorism is often frowned upon and most people are under the impression that to have a dog in the garden and occasionally go out with one’s pet is sufficient. However, depending on the breed, the need for stimulation varies and some breeds need a lot more attention, especially “working” breeds.

Phillip exercises a Pro-life practice and has been called out as far as Cape Town to assist with aggressive animals, but now is concentrating on helping animals in the Garden Route area.
He also believes that animals that have been adopted from animal welfare shelters need to go through a phase of “rehabilitation” in order to stabilize them, as being put in such institutions have negative consequences on the pack environment that needs to be re-established.
His business, Canines4help, also wants to get people actively involved in exercising their four legged companions and he says: “Walking your pet is a good way of getting them to use their brains and if done properly, is more beneficial in most cases than running your animal for kilometers, purely because during the walk, it is time to bond and to form a position of leadership, which the dog needs most. “The SPCA and other similar organizations can only do so much in the fight against animal abuse; it is up to the owners to invest in the time to understand the needs of their “family” and in so doing, less animals will need to be sent away to places where they will inevitably be put down if a suitable home is not found”.

Mr Page has also shown his support for the Heart and Paws project.

Phillip Page – Dog Behaviorist
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