Andre Fraser, NSRI Mossel Bay station commander, said:

At 07h45, Sunday, 14th January, while on a training paddle, an off-duty NSRI crewman overheard radio communications between Port Control and the fishing vessel Derek 1 reporting rope fouled around her motor propellor between Hartenbos and Dias Beach.

By NSRI Mossel Bay: NSRI rescue swimmers assisting in the water at the casualty Fishing Vessel

NSRI Mossel Bay duty crew were alerted and we offered assistance.

At first the fishing vessel reported to have private divers being arranged to assist but after the divers were not immediately available our NSRI sea rescue craft Rescue 15 responded and on arrival on the scene we deployed NSRI rescue swimmers into the water and they were able to cut the fishing line and free the motors from rope.

Once all fishing line was recovered and their motors were useable no further assistance was required.
(The Gremlin)

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