The Transnet Phelophepa Health Care Train will visit Mossel Bay again from 25 August 2014 to 5 September 2014 to provide a range of medical and related services to the community of Mossel Bay.

The aim with the train is to support the Department of Health as well as to provide services that are not yet available at all clinics. The train is operated on a day-to-day basis by a team of professionals.

The services provided include a basic health education programme for community volunteers. The aim of this programme is to inform them on issues such as personal and environmental hygiene, oral rehydration therapy, immunisation, family planning, prevention of STD’s, HIV and AIDS, alcohol abuse and smoking. It is anticipated that once trained these volunteers will be utilised as support systems in communities to Community Health Nurses and Workers.

Another service on the train is the Roche Health Clinic of which the main function is to do screening for health problems and to do health education.

The Eye Clinic on the train provides screening for visual problems and ocular pathology while there is also a Dental Clinic which provides oral health education as well as a range of dental services. In some cases small fees are charged for the services.

Qualified psychologists as well as final-year psychology students man the psychology/counselling unit on the train and provide individual and group counselling. This team also provides workshops on request to social workers, nurses, teachers, community centres, hospitals, clinics, religious leaders, police and parents.

More information on the train can be obtained from Ms Haylene Claassen at the Mossel Bay Municipality at telephone (044) 606-5228 or 0846503970 or by e-mail at •

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