Knowing The Reward and Punishment System for Dog Training

There are different ways of training a dog and in doing so, there are certain things and techniques that you should always remember.

Knowing the techniques for dog training is very useful while some of it can bear negative results. It is normal to get different manners and opinions about dog training, so it is quite difficult to tell what best works.

The most common confusion comes in the opinion as to when to give a reward or when to rebuke a dog. So here are some tips that will surely help you out on this aspect.

A dog-training instructor may have told you to keep it calm, cool and positive during the dog training, to always keep a positive atmosphere for your dog. Still, actually we need to be strict and be stern at some situations.

However, it is advisable not to scold your dogs always as dogs tend to respond better when given positive attitude from their trainer. It is then important to understand when to praise your dog.

You should reward your dog when he gives positive response as to your commands. When he sits, stays, lies down or does things in proper order, he should receive a reward every time he obeys. Rewards can anything be like kind words, treats, rub on the belly or a pat on his head.


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