Municipal inspectors have in the past few weeks inspected more than 1 500 properties in Boland Park, Bayview Hartenbos, Karoodorp and Strydomsoord for compliance with the By-Law on Water Services, which prohibits the discharging of rainwater into the municipal sewerage network. Notices to comply were issued to 125 property owners.

The inspections will be extended to other areas as well over the next few months. Property owners who fail to respond to the notices to comply will face legal action.

It is a contravention of the Municipality’s By-Law on Water Services to discharge rainwater into the Municipality’s sewerage network. An appeal is therefore made to owners of properties where this is done to correct their gutter systems so that the rainwater is not drained into the system.

The Municipality often experiences spills at sewer manholes during heavy rains, not because of blockages, but because water is discharged illegally into the sewerage system through roof gutter systems.

Statistics indicate that during heavy rains the inflow volumes into the system almost treble. The pumps in the sewerage system are not designed to handle such big volumes.

Enquiries in this regard can be directed to the Building Inspectorate at the Municipality at telephone (044) 606-5000
• Harry Hill

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