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Allergies In Dogs – What Can I Do About Dog Allergies Symptoms?


It is suggested that if you are looking for permanent relief for dog allergies symptoms you need to go see a veterinary dermatologist. Here you can find the cause for sneezing in dogs, general allergies in dogs and most of your dog skin problems.

People medicines such as Benadryl and Claritin will only provide temporary relief of the signs and your dog will still be uncomfortable.

In some cases the dermatologist may be able to make up allergy shots if they find out the cause of your dogs allergies. You should not make any diet changes or treat your pet with any medication without strict guidance from a veterinarian.

Changing the dog’s diet without the guidance from a veterinarian can make it more difficult for them to isolate the cause of the allergies. It’s entirely possible that the causes may involve specific foods. This requires an extensive food trial. However it could be environmental agents that are causing your dog allergies symptoms which would require further allergy testing.

On your own you could try hydroxizine or atarax for some relief. Do Not use prednisone, it is not the greatest it’s a steroid and have several side effects. You can also try eliminating the normal protein source with another protein like fish or venison. It takes up to 2 to 3 months of a diet change to tell if there is any effect.

Allergic contact dermatitis usually shows up in dogs as a hypersensitivity reaction to particular molecules in your pet’s environment. Irritant contact dermatitis happens when the skin is exposed to noxious substances in the environment. The symptoms and biologic mechanisms in these two disease structures are closely similar and are often discussed together.

Allergic contact dermatitis is a rare disease, which occurs when an animal’s skin overreacts to certain small molecules in the environment. Substances, which can cause allergic contact dermatitis in dogs include some antibiotics applied to the skin, metals such as nickel, materials like rubber or wool and chemicals such as dyes and carpet deodorizers.

Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when the dog’s skin is exposed to intensely irritating chemicals like the sap in poison ivy or road salt.

What are the symptoms of allergic and irritant contact dermatitis?

Lesions occur on the areas of skin that are sparsely haired and exposed to the offending cause. Areas like the back of the paws, abdomen, muzzle, and lips.

The affected areas are usually very red, have small bumps or blister-like lesions, and itch like crazy. Also in irritant contact dermatitis may occur.
The key to managing these dog allergies symptoms is the obvious removing or restricting of exposure to any allergen or contact irritant in the pet’s environment. If your not able to do this, then using fatty acids, antihistamines, biotin, and topical shampoos can at least control the itching.

As a rule, for any pet suspected of having an allergy problem that could include an allergic contact component, we recommend:

Glass or stainless steel food and water bowls, cleaned and rinsed well daily

Hypoallergenic detergents for the pet’s bedding

Routine hypoallergenic shampoos for the pet to remove any allergens

Restricting walking to sidewalks or paved surfaces-completely avoiding the grass,

if possible.

Mosselbaai Kers Kunsmark


Die 9de Mosselbaai Kers-kunsmark vind plaas van 17-19 Desember 2013 in die Mosselbaai-suid NG Kerksaal, h/v 15de en 

17de Laan, Mosselbaai en is elke dag oop van 08:00-18:00.

Die gewilde mark is soos elke jaar ‘n paradys van unieke hand gemaakte geskenke en produkte o.a. naald-,leer-,krale- en hout werk, draad en herwinnings produkte, klere, gebak en lekkers, juwele, boeke, kinderspeelgoed en artikels, kramiek, mosaïek, snuisterye en vele meer wat u beslis nie in winkels te koop kry nie.

Die Kenani Dienssentrum verkoop heerlike eet- en drinkgoed.

Heerlike musiek gaan almal in die regte vakansie-stemming bring.

NUUT: ‘n Potjieskos kompetisie word gehou op Woensdag ,18 Desember en daar is groot pryse om te wen.
Hierdie is ‘n heerlike plattelandse Vakansie-ervaring by die see !!

So bring die familie en vriende en geniet dit saam; terwyl u Kers-inkopies doen.

Vir inligting/stalletjies kontak : Cecile by 082 2243 865 ” •

van die Redaksie – 19 Julie 2013

van die Redaksie

Happy B-day Bert !!!
Thank you for your dedication, initiatives and hard work.

May Mossview under your very capable guidance and leadership grow from strength to strength in the years to come.

Ai, ‘n lewe kan tog so goedkoop en so kort wees.
Whitey was ons koerant afleweraar. ‘n Regte “straatsitter”, maar onder streng toesig, het hy homself uitmuntend van sy taak gekwyt – of dit aflewering of tuinwerk was.
Donderdae sit hy al op die sypaadjie en wag vir die Mossview. Toe verlede Vrydagoggend was Whitey net nie daar…die boodskap, “Whitey is die vorige aand vermoor”.
“Ons sal jou mis…daarby kon niemand ‘n graaf swaai soos jy!! – RIP”.

Met die skoolvakansie iets van die verlede, wens ons ons leerders en leerkragte voorspoed toe vir die tweede helfte van die jaar.
Daarby is al wat ‘n vrieskas is seker vol wildsvleis, biltong en droëwors, want as jy maar hoor, is daar mense oppad of terug, na ‘n jagnaweek. ‘n Groot lekkerte die tyd van die jaar.

Ander groot nuus .…

Mossview is nou ook op die internet beskikbaar -besoek ons gerus by http://mossview.co.za en kom kuier vir ons op Facebook.

Cyril Botha wins Glacier Junior Series Mossel Bay


Mossel Bay junior golfer Cyril Botha (left) is congratulated by Adam Hayes after wining the A Division of the Louis Oosthuizen Tournament on the Glacier by Sanlam Junior Series at Mossel Bay Golf Club on Sunday. Credit: MVM

MOSSEL BAY, Southern Cape (14 July 2013) – Cyril Botha recovered from a three-putt bogey at the first and went on to sign for a four-under-par 68 to win the A Division of the Louis Oosthuizen Tournament on the Glacier by Sanlam Junior Series at Mossel Bay Golf Club on Sunday.

The scratch golfer won by a single stroke over Arno Muller on a cold day at the home club of 2010 Open champion Oosthuizen.

“It’s my first win on the series so I’m really pleased about this,” said Botha, who after his opening bogey went on to make five birdies and no further drops.

The highlight of his round was the birdie on the par-four 14th, where Botha hit a three iron and then an eight iron to within seven feet and holed the putt.


A DIVISION (Handicap 1 – 6)

1 Cyril Botha 68
2 Arno Muller 69
3 Jack Duthie 71
Best Nett: Virgill April 70
B DIVISION (Handicap 7 – 18)
1 Tristan Galant 79
2 Niehaus Loots 80
3 Chris Botha 80 (count out)
Best Nett: Emmanuel Gertse 70
C DIVISION (Handicap 19 – 36)
1 Keano Hendricks 35 points
2 Keanan Johnson 32 points
3 Malcolm Hamilton 29 points
Mossel Bay junior golfer Cyril Botha (left) is congratulated by Adam Hayes after wining the A Division of the Louis Oosthuizen Tournament on the Glacier by Sanlam Junior Series at Mossel Bay Golf Club on Sunday. Credit: MVM.


It’s Mosselbay Classic Time again!


The now famous Mossel Bay Classic is taking place for the 22nd time at the Mossel Bay Bowling Club from Thursday, 25 to Saturday, 27 July 2013 with the main sponsors again being Personal Trust, Distell (Scottish Leader) and Knysna Lifestyle Estate.

Since the first tournament was played in 1992, this has become a prestigious and much anticipated event on the Southern Cape bowls calendar. Skips from all over the country are invited to take part, but in the end only 24 teams, consisting of 4 male players, can be accommodated. Besides teams from all over the Southern Cape, namely Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, Little Brak River (Vista Bowling Club), Great Brak River, George (from both Outeniqua and George Bowling Club), Leisure Isle, Still Bay and Outshoorn, teams come from as far as Pretoria (Irene Bowling Club), Edenburg (Freestate), Gordon’s Bay, Durbanville, Paarl, Middelburg and Swellendam. Then there will also be a team from the South African National Defence Force consisting of players from Mossel Bay as well as De Aar and a South African Police Services team from Goodwood in the Western Cape.

8 matches will be played over the three days and from the second match on it will be competed on a strength against strength basis. Three games will be played on each of the first two days, with the last two on Saturday. The finals will be played on Saturday afternoon and a large number of spectators are expected. Play will will take place at the Mossel Bay Bowling Club in the Harry Giddey Park in Marsh Street and will commence at 09:00 each day.
Visitors and spectators are very welcome to come and watch excellent bowls over these three days. Please come and enjoy Mossel Bay Bowling Club’s hospitality.
Mossel Bay Bowling Club would like to thank the sponsors for their continued support, as well as the club members who work hard behind the scenes, in the kitchen, bar and administration office in order to produce a successful event. •

Sport Festival to Include Events for the Disabled


This year’s Mossel Bay Sport Festival (20 – 24 September) will include events for people living with disabilities – and some of the disabled athletes plan to challenge their able-bodied counterparts at their own game. Sean Snyman, a spokesperson for the town’s Consolidated Forum for Persons with Disabilities, has announced that the Festival will include events that will appeal both to members of the general community of the disabled and to advanced athletes living with disabilities. The events will include a 700 metre mass fun walk for all disabled people; time trials for users of hand cycles and wheelchairs – which will take place in the streets of the CBD; and a special category for users of hand cycles and wheelchairs in the 22 km division of the PetroSA Marathon. “We’re also organising the Santos Challenge, where we’re hoping to strap able-bodied athletes into wheelchairs and to compete against them in sprinting, and in javelin, shot-put, and discus,” said Mr. Snyman. “Our ultimate aim is to help to make Mossel Bay a leader in the world of universal access, and these events have been designed to help members of the disabled to take part in the festival, and to demonstrate that the disabled can do almost anything that other people can do – we just sometimes do it differently.”

The executive mayor of Mossel Bay, Alderlady Marie Ferreira, welcomed the news. “We’re working hard to make Mossel Bay an inclusive community that welcomes everyone,” she said. “The Sport Festival is designed to offer entertainment for locals and visitors alike – and it’s important that we recognise that people living with disabilities need to be accommodated as much as everyone else.” Mossel Bay Tourism’s Marcia Holm was also excited about the inclusion of events for the disabled. “From the information I’ve been able to gather, apparently about 5% of people in South Africa live with disabilities. That’s a significant number, and it would be wrong of the tourism industry to ignore it – both from a simply human point of view, and from a business perspective.” Ms. Holm said that Mossel Bay Tourism is committed to helping members who wish to provide universal access in their facilities. “We’re very keen to get a dialogue going on how we can improve access in Mossel Bay,” she said. The Mossel Bay’s Sports Festival is coordinated by the Municipality of Mossel Bay. The organisers hope to include at least 30 sporting codes this year – from aerobatics to cricket, skate boarding, sailing, golf and more. •


family_fish_fingers (1)

Bestandele (4 -6 porsies)
250 ml gekapte ui
15 ml margarien
2 ml kerriepoeier
125 ml gerasperde kaas
375 ml witsous (matig dik)
500 ml gaar rys
400-500 g bevrore visvingers (16-20)
1-2 tamaties in skywe gesny

1. Voorverhit oond tot 180 grade C
2. Smeer ‘n oondbak.
3. Soteer die uie in die smeer.
4. Voeg die kerrie by en braai liggies.
5. Meng die uiemengsel, kaas en witsous.
6. Skep die rys in die oondbak.
7. Rangskik die vis op die rys en gooi die witsousmengsel oor.
8. Plaas tamatieskywe bo-op.
9. Bak die gereg vir ongeveer 30 minute tot goudbruin.
10. Bedien warm met groente of ‘n slaai.


Behuising Kontrak van R 44 Miljoen skop af

Die eerste sooi op die perseel waar 477 sub-ekonomiese huise as deel van die Asazani/Izinyoka-behuisingsprojek in Mosselbaai gebou sal word, is gister (19 Junie 2013) deur die Uitvoerende Burgemeester van Mosselbaai, Raadsdame Marie Ferreira, gespit. Die waarde van die projek is R43,96 miljoen..
Hoewel daar reeds van die huise voor die einde van die jaar voltooi sal word, is die eerste mylpaal die voltooiing van 260 van die huise teen Maart 2014. Die beplande voltooiingsdatum van hierdie gedeelte van die projek is September 2014.

Die huise sal almal 40 vk m groot wees en elk twee badkamers hê. Hulle word gebou op Erf 6422, wat aan Bill Jefferyrylaan grens, en die nabygeleë Erf 3304 Die dienste en strate op die totale ontwikkeling op die eiendom vanongeveer 3,5 ha is reeds vroeër teen ‘n koste van R20 miljoen voltooi.

Die huidige projek behels dus net die oprigting van die topstrukture. Die kontrakteur is die MHI/Marnol Gesamentlike Onderneming.
Die Asazani/Izinyoka-projek sal in totaal uit 731 huise bestaan. Die oorblywende huise sal in die gedeelte wat tans as Asazani/Izinyoka bekend staan, gebou word. Die doelwit is om die dienste in hierdie gedeelte teen 2014 geïnstalleer te hê, en die projek in sy geheel in 2015 te voltooi.•

Madiba – Die naam op feitlik almal se lippe deesdae.

Madiba …. Die naam op feitlik almal se lippe deesdae.
Ek is seker ek praat namens die meeste Mossview lesers, as ek sê, ons bid hom, sy familie en die hele Suid Afrika sterkte toe in die tyd.
Nelson Mandela is die simbool van versoening.  Die rede hoekom hy wêreldwyd ge-eer en geliefd is, is nie omdat hy ‘n politikus is nie,  maar eerstens ‘n Staatsman.
‘n Rare eienskap.

Op ‘n ligter noot – aangesien my “one and only” en haar Jaco later die jaar trou, het ek dit goedgedink om in die volgende paar uitgawes, kort relevante artikels te plaas, van dit, wat bydra tot die sukses van oa. die huweliksonthaal  bv. beplanning, begroting, musiek keuse, seremoniemeester, fotograwe ens.

Tot ‘n volgende keer.