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Tekkie Tax 2013 exceeded all expectations by raising R2.4 million in their first year. More than 180 local welfare organisations benefited from the proceeds which were all distributed in November last year.
So where did the hearts of the people lie in 2013? 34% of the participating audience chose a C sticker, representing Children, making this the most supported sector!

The organisers of the campaign, The Marketing Team, received an overwhelming feedback of “Thank you” for organising such a seamless and no-risk fundraising campaign. Bev Seabourne of Highveld Horse Care said “Finally there is a national fundraising campaign where animals can also benefit and we are delighted to be part of it. But by caring for the horses and donkeys in the townships and rural areas we do so much more than looking after the animals. By educating the owners to keep the animals healthy we ensure that the family will have an income, children can get to school and water and coal can be carted. Viva Tekkie Tax!”

This year the Tekkie Tax team presents you with yet another opportunity to show where your heart lies on Friday, 30 May 2014. Members of the public are asked to get a Tekkie Tax sticker for a R10 donation from any of the participating welfare organisations. You can also order what you need directly from their website.

Depending on where your heart lies, you can choose any of the 5 sectors you would like to support when buying your sticker/s (and YES, you may choose more than one)
Basic Family Care,
Disability or


On Tekkie Tax day, you simply wear the big sticker on your lapel and put the small one on your cellphone to stay there for the rest of the year. Whatever your outfit is for the day, wear your tekkies!

You can even spiff up your tekkies by getting a pair of their funky shoelaces called “Tekkie Tags” (R30 including your sticker of choice)

The campaign is endorsed by 15 of our biggest and most accountable national NGOs in the country, representing more than 1 000 local organisations.
– Epilepsy SA
– Child Welfare SA
– SOS Children’s Villages
– CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
– Special Olympics SA
– Endangered Wildlife Trust
– HPCA – Hospice Palliative Care SA
– Pet Welfare SA
– Imisebeyelanga Services
– Meals on Wheels
– Highveld Horse Care Unit
– Cheshire Homes SA
– AVF . . . and these are just the national beneficiaries!
Annelise de Jager, National project organiser said: “Saving money is always an important issue but saving money in a fundraising campaign is vital. With 15 national welfare organisations working together we are able to keep the costs of the project lower than any other campaign of its kind. We are not re-inventing the wheel but we are changing the face of fundraising in SA!”

All the beneficiary organisations render a service in South Africa. They have been selected, hand-picked and checked out carefully to ensure that no matter which sector you choose to support, your donation will be used in the best possible way.

Support the next Tekkie Tax day on Friday, 30 May 2014.

Here is the recipe to participate:
1. Get permission from your boss to participate in the Tekkie Tax campaign by wearing a pair of tekkies to work on Friday 30 May 2014. If you are the boss – sjoe I like this – then give yourself permission to do something good!
2. Get hold of the stickers (R10 donation each). You can also order stickers and promotional material via this website. Choose a beneficiary sector/s close to your heart or get one of each!!
Ensure that each of your colleagues have one – there is even a baby sticker to stick on your cell phone – how cool is THAT?
3. Wear your tekkies Now that you each have a sticker, show the world where your heart lies and wear your sticker and favourite pair of tekkies on Friday, 30 May 2014. Do it, take a stand – be bold!
4. Walk the extra mile by getting yourself one of our once-in-a-lifetime, designer pair of funky shoelaces with our fabulous set of tekkie tags and show the world that you have paid your tax for the benefit of your favourite welfare organisation. Get a pair of Tekkie Tags for a R30 donation (with a sticker of your choice included) Wear it proudly not to embarrass your tekkies!!!

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