Month: October 2013


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van die Redaksie – 25 Oktober

Na ‘n baie spesiale en goed beplande verjaardag-naweek moes ek stil word in bewondering.
Wanneer gaan ek leer, om my kind te vertrou en haar vermoeëns nie te onderskat nie ?
Weereens besef ek hoe kinders ons lewensuitkyk kan verander of bepaal en ons lewens verryk…sien dit tog net raak !

As ons preek, raas of vermaan en die kinders rol net hul oë na die dak  en  kyk geirriteerd rond, is ons geneig om te glo hulle hoor ons nie.  Maar, soos ‘n seun eendag vir sy pa gesê het:  “Pa, al rol ons ons oë na die dak en kyk geirriteerd rond, ons ore is oop…ons hoor” .

Kinders en diere vra eintlik so min, hulle wil net liefgehê, raakgesien en erken word.  Ons is tog so geneig om kinders te onderskat,  “…jy is ‘n kind, wat weet jy?”  Kom ons gee hulle ‘n kans, vertrou hulle en gee krediet wanneer dit verdien word.

Dit gesê – die matriek- en ander eksamens is op hande en tyd vir rekenskap gee, is hier.

Social Media to Popularize Garden Route

The Mossel Bay Travel Festival in the Southern Cape hopes to put the Garden Route town on the international map, mainly through social media.

The event, which is affiliated to the New York Travel Festival, gives tourism operators the opportunity to make the public aware of what they have to offer – in real life and on the social web.

The theme is “Learning, Seeing and Doing”.

It includes presentations, exhibitions and trips to various tourist destinations in the region.

“It is all about talking to one another. We are talking to people all over the world now. There were a lot of tweets on Friday. At one stage Mossel Bay was trending and people were sharing that information. The travel festivals are designed to do that but also to continue sharing that information beyond the day on which we actually exhibit,” says Mossel Bay Tourism’s Martin Hatchuel.

Organiser of the New York Travel Festival, Roni Weiss says his visit to South Africa and especially the Garden Route, has drastically changed his perception of the country.

“In America we sometimes have a perception that South Africa is uniformly unsafe. I have had no experiences that have been remotely unsafe. It is like anywhere else in the world. If you are smart and you do not take stupid risks then you can have a fantastic time here.  I will be able to go home and tell Americans that there is no reason to be scared of South Africa as a tourist destination,” says Weiss.

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Cansa Relay for Life

Ons program vir die jaar – ons vyfde jaar in Mosselbaai, met die tema “CELEBRATION” – is soos volg:

Vrydag, 8 November 2013 –  17h30 tot 20:00 – Junior Relay – kinders van 1 tot 13 jaar – Die gaan meer oor die bewusmaking van Kanker by kinders en gesonder lewe

Saterdag 9 November 2013 – 08h30 – 11h00  – Bark For Life – waar ons ook aan ons honde vriende dink wat kanker het, en ook hulle rol in die kanker pasient se lewe erken en vier.

Saterdag 9 November 2013 – 16h00 tot Sondag 10 November – 07:00 – Die Relay For Life, waar spanne van 10 -15 lede deur die nag stap op ‘n aflos basis, terwyl daar heel tyd vermaak aangebied word.

Freddie Faul
Voorsitter; Cansa Relay For Life, Mosselbaai.


Milissa Els Karools Hauptfleisch Sandra Kneubeuhler

GEORGE (October 2013) – On 11 November 2013 the Hyatt Regency Oubaai Golf Resort and Spa will be celebrating life in the best way possible.  The ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk will be hosted by the Hyatt Regency Oubaai aimed at raising funds for two charitable causes…another first of its kind added to the list of firsts already rolled out by this five star resort.  The funds raised by this walk will be allocated to the Carpe Diem School and to the Garrett Ehrman Support Group.

Garrett Ehrman arrived home on Sunday, 5th October and will continue his recovery from a disastrous car accident in September. Garrett sustained serious head and chest injuries and his recovery will be a long and costly process.  He has no medical aid and the Hyatt Regency Oubaai subsequently decided to allocate some of the funds raised by the fun walk to help with Garrett’s vast medical expenses.
The Hyatt Regency Oubaai also recently announced that it has taken on the Carpe Diem School as its official social responsibility project for 2014. This school for children with special needs only receives a minimal subsidy per learner from the government and therefore it has to lean heavily on donations and fundraising events.  The fact that the Hyatt Regency Oubaai will be supporting Carpe Diem over the next year was received with great excitement by the passionate headmaster, Karools Hauptfleisch.  Part of the funds raised by the ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk will be allocated to the school and will most definitely be used where most needed.

Although this is only the first ‘Celebrate Life’ fun walk, the Hyatt Regency Oubaai already expects in excess of 300 participants. This event will take place at the Hyatt Regency Oubaai with its stunning natural landscape and the setting alone will without a doubt surpass the expectancy of everybody taking part. The festive atmosphere will be amplified by the smell of boerewors grilling on open fire, a beer tent and live entertainment of note!

By starting with this great initiative the Hyatt Regency Oubaai hopes to invest in the lives of those in need.  The first two charitable causes were identified and in future many more in need will be helped. Margaret Mead said “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”. Join in on the fun and festivities and help the Hyatt Regency Oubaai to make a difference. Celebrate Life!



The Mossel Bay Municipality will be hosting its second international No-More-Victim Summit, of which a 2-day Wellness Expo will form part.

This Expo is planned not only for local businesses, but also for employees of Government Departments in Mossel Bay. It will take place on 21 November 2013 in the Town Hall from 08:00 to 12:00 and on 22 November 2013, also from 08:00 to 12:00, at the Indoor Sports Centre in KwaNonqaba. Local providers of health products and services are invited to participate in the events on these days by means of product exhibitions or services at the event.
The purpose of the event is to demonstrate the Municipality’s commitment to the themes of Gender-Based Violence, of which general wellness is an underlying value. It is also to raise awareness amongst members of the community and the business sector about the benefits of physical and emotional wellness.

The main goal is to involve as many as possible public and private health-service and -product providers that can make a contribution of any kind to the health, emotional and or financial wellness of our community members. These include local gymnasiums, eye care enterprises, dieticians, etcetera, to name but a few. Participants will be given the opportunity to exhibit their products and/or services by way of information brochures, pamphlets on special offers, product samples etc.

Providers who are interested in participating in the event can contact Ms Corlia Wagenaar at (044) 606-5108 or e-mail at, before 5 November 2013. •


Die D’Almeida-biblioteek het pas die derde munisipale biblioteek geword om gratis internettoegang aan die publiek te bied, en hulle ook in staat te stel om uitdrukke daar te maak.
Die diens is moontlik gemaak danksy ‘n skenking van vyf rekenaars deur die Wes-Kaapse Provinsiale Biblioteekdiens. Soortgelyke dienste word reeds by die Greenhaven- en Friemersheimbiblioteke gebied, en dit word beplan om die diens mettertyd na al die Mosselbaaise munisipale biblioteke uit te brei.
Hoewel die toegang tot die internet gratis is, sal verbruikers R1 per kopie moet betaal as hulle uitdrukke wil laat doen.
Navrae oor die diens by die D’Almeida-biblioteek kan aan Leilani Mondo by telefoon (044) 606-5258 gebied word. •

Hoërskool Punt vaar puik by Spur atletiekbyeenkoms


Hoërskool Punt se atlete het op Woensdag 16 Oktober deelgeneem aan die Spur Atlletiekbyeenkoms op Riversdal. Beide Punt se seuns- en dogterspanne het 2de gekom in hulle kompetisies. Baie geluk aan die O/14 dogters wat aangewys is as die beste O/14 dogtersspan op die dag.
Marianca Feldtmann (gewigstoot en diskus), Janette Arendse (800m), Andreé Roux (100m, 200m, 90m Hekkies, 400m en O/17 Aflos), Zanelle Vorster (Hoogspring en 800m), Minneke van der Merwe (100m, 200m, 90m Hekkies en O/17 Aflos), Lené van As (verspring) en Linique Auret (Hoogspring) het die trofee ontvang vir die beste O/14 dogtersspan by die Spur byeenkoms. Foto: Jannie Nel

Marianca Feldtmann (gewigstoot en diskus), Janette Arendse (800m), Andreé Roux (100m, 200m, 90m Hekkies, 400m en O/17 Aflos), Zanelle Vorster (Hoogspring en 800m), Minneke van der Merwe (100m, 200m, 90m Hekkies en O/17 Aflos), Lené van As (verspring) en Linique Auret (Hoogspring) het die trofee ontvang vir die beste O/14 dogtersspan by die Spur byeenkoms. Foto: Jannie Nel

Lets get Legal – Why do I need a trust?

Most people think a trust is only for the rich and famous but this is not the case. Everyone who has an asset such as a fixed property or shares that needs to be protected against the woes and risks of life should have a trust. These woes and risks of life come in different forms and usually when it is the least expected to all of us. Two of these risks that are most neglected in many estate plans are protection against financial risks and the risk of family relations that may go wrong. For the first one of these risks namely financial ruin, prevention is always better than cure. This is where the protective nature of the trust comes in as an ideal solution. Therefore the main reason one should have a trust is for financial risk protection. For these purposes there should be a proper separation between a person’s high risk, medium risk and low risk assets and activities to ensure that no creditor or third party can lay their hands on your hard-earned assets.

A second important reason for setting up a family trust is for reasons that we call the “family relationship plan”. This entails that there should be adequate separation of possible interest groups in families with more than one child and also the more complex reconstructed families in second and further marriages/relationships after divorce or death, especially to prevent family feuds when ‘in-laws’ may start turning into ‘outlaws’.

Another popular reason for the use of a trust is for the pegging of the value of one’s estate for future growth in order to minimise the value of the personal assets which is good for protection purposes but simultaneously also a saving on Estate Duty. Despite the higher Income Tax Rate a trust might have compared to natural persons and other entities, there are some tax advantages available to the trustees. However, as the legislature can amend tax legislation at any given time, a trust should not be used primarily to save possible Estate Duty and other taxes. On the other hand one should bear in mind that what might be favourable for tax purposes may not necessarily be favourable for risk protection. The residential home in the personal estate is a good example of this. It may have tax benefits but it can be a disaster when a financial crisis looms.

In addition, the trust can also be used instead of a usufruct or in cases where the subdivision of agricultural land is not possible due to the relevant legislation. It is also recommended that a trust be used for testamentary planning where there are minors involved and their inheritance needs to be protected or where an heir needs some financial protection to safeguard his or her inheritance from the “wheeling and dealings” of a spouse. Where there are persons with special needs (for example a child with a physical or mental disability), the trust is a very useful vehicle to provide for such a person, as this type of trust (the so-called “special trust”) qualifies for certain tax advantages. It is also important to remember that there is no limitation on the duration or continuity of a trust and one can thus make provision for further descendants or generations to come.

Trusts can also be used in the business environment, for example business (share) trusts, workers trusts and BEE trusts. It is also a very popular entity for public benefit organisations (PBO trusts or the so-called charity trust).

It is important to remember that your trust should always form part of your holistic estate plan (which also includes your testamentary planning; financial planning; tax planning; insurance planning, etc.) and should be used primarily as a protecting vehicle before indulging in tax concessions.

Mosdel Parma & Cox
044 533 1101•

Proe – Swartpeper & Bessie Pizza

Genoeg vir 4
500 g (875 ml) koekmeel
5 ml (1 t) sout
10 g (1 sakkie) kitsgis
30 ml (2 e) grof gemaalde swartpeper
375 ml (1½ k) louwarm water
60 ml (4 e) olyfolie om bo-oor te sprinkel
15 ml (3 t) seesout om bo-oor te strooi

250 ml (1 houer) crème fraîche (of suurroom)
400 g (sowat 3 hande vol) bessies soos frambose, swartbessies, moerbeie en bloubessies
’n hand vol kruieblaartjies en babablaartjies soos roket- en slaaiblare
30 ml (2 e) olyfolie vir bo-oor
ekstra grof gemaalde swartpeper vir bo-oor
1. Meng die koekmeel, sout, gis en swartpeper. Maak ’n holte in die middel van die droë bestanddele en voeg die louwarm water bietjie vir bietjie by en meng tot die deeg bymekaarkom. Knie vir sowat 10 min. en laat rys vir 30 min. op ’n warm plek. Knie af, vorm 4 balletjies en bedek met ’n klam lap.
2. Verhit die oond tot 200 °C. Maak ’n groot bakplaat in die oond warm.
3. Rol die deeg dun uit op ’n skoon werkvlak wat liggies met meel bestrooi is. Ons het langwerpige pizzas gemaak, maar jy kan rondes uitrol.
4. Sit die uitgerolde pizza op die warm bakplaat en sprinkel olyfolie en sout oor.
5.Bak vir 10-15 min. tot goudbruin en haal uit. Herhaal met die res van die deeg.
6.    Skep groot lepels vol van die crème fraîche hier en daar op die pizza. Strooi die bessies en die blaartjies tussenin.
7.    Sprinkel nog ’n bietjie olyfolie en swartpeper oor en smul.