Month: November 2015

van die Redaksie – 06 Nov 2015


As daar tog net ‘n geheime resep vir geluk was … maar daar is nie !!

Besluit wat vir jou lekker is en doen dié dinge wat vir jou pret is en jou gelukkig maak.
Lag baie en moenie bang wees om te droom en ‘n kans te waag nie.

Opwindende nuwe speletjies en idees verskyn gereeld en ou idees word opgedollie om
eentonigheid te voorkom en mense te lok om deel te wees en deel te neem.

So ontvang ek ‘n foto van Lindi, absoluut bemors met die verf: “Moeks, ons en vriende het vanoggend die 5 km ‘Paint Run’ gedoen …. en was dit nou groot pret”!

Saam voel ek die opwinding en dankbaarheid en besef net weer …omring jouself met opgeruimde mense wat jou gelukkig maak. Spandeer tyd met vriende wat die beste in jou uitbring en by wie jy jouself kan wees.
Jy is in beheer van jou eie geluk !
Belê in jou geliefdes en positiewe vriende.

Maak seker hulle weet hoe jy hulle geniet en waardeer.

Julie Retief

082 412 3000

TNPA’s Mossel Bay Port Now ‘smartPORT’


On 28 October, the Ports of East London and Mossel Bay became the latest to go live with Transnet National Ports Authority’s new R79 million web-based Integrated Port Management System (IPMS). TNPA began registering East London and Mossel Bay port users onto the system from 23 October 2015.

This brings the number of ports now using TNPA’s new ‘smartPORT’ technology to seven, after Durban, Cape Town, Saldanha, Port Elizabeth and Ngqura went live in recent months. In November the Port of Richards Bay will become the final South African port to roll out the technology.

The IPMS was developed by Navayuga Infotech, a company based in India, in collaboration with their South African partner Nambiti Technologies. It replaces the manual processes and enables key port operations to be managed online and in real time across TNPA’s commercial ports.

Chief Executive Richard Vallihu said: “Global ports are adopting ‘smartPORT’ concepts and the world is increasingly embracing digital technologies and data analytics to make sense of the information that we have around us. Gathering that information in the first place is a challenge. This online system will help transform our ocean gateways into smartPORTs by using advanced information technology that will make them more intelligent and sustainable, while conserving resources, time, space and energy.”

The IPMS is a strategic project that aims to support the broader objectives of the Transnet Market Demand Strategy (MDS) in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Vallihu said the IPMS was benchmarked against Malaysian and Singaporean ports which were among the world’s most efficient. It is a groundbreaking initiative in that for the first time in the world a system such as this is integrated across multiple ports on a single platform.

According to General Manager Mmutle Lentle: “This is the beginning of one of many initiatives that will see Transnet create visibility within the transport value chain and enable connectedness of the transportation eco system ranging from ports, rail and road.”

Mossel Bay Port Manager Tandi Lebakeng added: “The IPMS is one of many crucial improvements taking place within the Port of Mossel Bay, especially as we escalate infrastructure development in support of government’s Operation Phakisa initiative.”




Theft of confidential information and trade secrets can be just as damaging to your business as embezzlement or other employee fraud. Help protect your competitive advantage with these tips:
Buy paper shredders … and use them:
Putting unshredded copies of sensitive or confidential documents in the garbage opens up a range of security issues.
Have a plan for terminated employees:
Don’t let a disgruntled ex-employee become a security threat. Have a plan in place to keep a person from leaving your company with confidential documents. Some steps to follow include:
1. Where there is a high risk, have the person leave the company immediately upon termination.
2. Make arrangements for the immediate return of keys and any confidential company information.
3. Remove the person’s password from your computer network immediately.
Use computer passwords:
Require your employees to use passwords to access your computers or your network. This will serve to keep unauthorised people away from important files.
Have all employees sign non-disclosure agreements:
Make sure employees understand that theft of intellectual property is as serious to your business as theft of physical property. Use a non-disclosure agreement or a non-disclosure clause in an employment contract, to spell out employees’ responsibilities regarding confidential or trade secret information. Be sure you define what your company considers to be confidential. This is critical, since it clearly differentiates which information belongs to your company and which belongs to the ex-employee. The agreement also should outline steps the employee must take to maintain confidentiality, such as using computer passwords, not removing sales lists from premises, not copying documents to disk etc.
Keep tabs on your documents:
Set and enforce strict procedures for access to confidential or trade secret information. Allow only those who need certain information to see it.
Label key electronic documents (such as your customer database) as “read only” or password lock the documents so they cannot be altered or written to disk.
Don’t tempt prying eyes:
Don’t make it easy for people who aren’t supposed to see confidential documents to snoop. Never leave documents lying around. File things away when you’re done with them or when you’re away from your desk. Lock your filing cabinet and your desk drawer when you’re away. Close computer files when they are not being used and never leave a file on your screen when you go away from your desk.
(Henry Grobler 044 873 6112)

Tortoises in Dana Bay Conservancy


From small to large: Common padloper Homopus areolatus: Tiny, approximately 10cm long with a prominent hooked beak (Parrot-beaked Tortoise). Carapace (shell) has reddish-brown centers on the scutes.

Angulate tortoise (Cherisna angulata) Rooipensie in Afrikaans: Endemic to southern coastal regions. Seldom exceed 22cm in length. Elongated shell, scutes have black centers and edges.

The mountain, or leopard (black and yellow blotched carapace), tortoise is the most widely distributed and also the biggest of the 12 species of land tortoise found in southern Africa. It is believed to take its name ‘mountain’ tortoise from its size (length 30-60cm, weight 8-20kg) rather than its habitat. They live for 75 years or longer – another reason not to take them home!

Tortoises mate in spring.  Males become increasingly aggressive in competing for the favors of a female; two rivals will butt each other until the loser is overturned.  The female lays
5-20 hard-shelled eggs in a hole she has dug.  Incubation varies from 8-14 months.
Not only are these tortoises in danger of predators such as humans and animals, but they are also transported from their natural habitat by “kind” people finding them along the road.  To transport tortoises from one area to another is illegal.  These animals will NEVER be able to return to their place of origin as they might have picked up parasites or diseases that could be transferred to local wild populations.  They could also be carriers of diseases to which our local tortoises are not immune.
While traveling, motorists are asked to be aware of tortoises along the road.  Do a kind deed, stop the vehicle and lift the tortoise over the fence in the direction it is heading.  Do not turn the tortoise upside down – they release valuable fluids stored in their bowels for times of drought.
Please DON’T SPEED in our Conservancy!

Conservancy Emergency Number:
044-698 2133

ACVV Kenani Kermis! “Jou junk in ons trunk.” Saterdag, 28 November 2015



VIR die meeste mense is ’n garage nie net ’n plek waar die motor geparkeer word nie—dis ook die begrafplaas vir al die huishoudelike items wat nie meer gebruik word nie, stukkend is of gewoon oudmodies geword het. Daar sal jy ’n uitgediende broodrooster, Kleinbboet se treinstel, ’n afgeleefde trapfiets en ’n boks vol ou kombuisware vind. Dalk is jou motorhuis al so vol, daar’s kwalik plek vir die motor! Die ACVV Kenani Dienssentrum hou weer Kermis op die 28ste November 2015. Ons is opsoek na al jou ougoed. As jy meubels in die huis of in die motorhuis het wat moet uit, bring dit vir ons. Soos jy elke dag dreig, pak jou kas uit en kry al daai klere wat te groot of te klein geraak het, en bring dit vir ons. Ditjies en datjies wat rond staan in die huis en elke dag moet afgestof word. Want wat vir jou net gemors is, is vir ’n ander ’n kosbare vonds. Bring dit vir ACVV Kenani se Wit Olifant Veiling.

Ons kan gebruik maak van enige items in en rondom jou huis tot ons belangrike fondsinsameling pogings. Vir enige navrae kontak ons kantoor by 044 690 3204 of 044 690 3794.