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The tournament will see players potentially walk away with a guaranteed R2-million cash prize or a share of the R3.1 million prize pool.
Roulette Masters is one of Tsogo Sun’s most thrilling promotions. Every year the tournament draws in a crowd of gaming enthusiasts and a large number of buy-ins. The excitement in the casino corridors is palpable, and it is no wonder Roulette Masters continues to grow momentum with each year bringing in a bigger prize pool.
The promotion is running daily from 11:00 till 20:00, with qualifying rounds ending on Thursday, 09 March at the 14 Tsogo Sun casinos across South Africa. The Garden Route Casino’s unit finals will be taking place on Saturday, 11 March and the quarter group finals and Grand Finale will take place at Gold Reef City from Saturday, 25 March.
The 20 top qualifying scorers from the Garden Route get to move onto the unit Heats semi-finals. The top scorer in the qualifying round automatically advances to the Finals, which will be hosted at Gold Reef City Casino, leaving the top scorers to battle it out for the final spot in the Grand finals.
“We are really thrilled to once again host one of the most anticipated promotions to kick-start the year with a bang. We have brought back the Roulette Masters because of the overwhelming participants we received last year. Gaming enthusiasts can play to stand a chance of winning by playing roulette with a buy-in of only R100.” says Karen Johnstone, Marketing Manager at Garden Route Casino.
“With this promotion, we aim to create a winning experience for our guests and local residents at the casinos that provide high quality entertainment and returns for our customers and we are more than thrilled that Roulette Masters Tournament has kicked off.” concludes Karen.
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JewEL is an Esoteric shop with Crystals and Gifts.

This name was Godly inspired. Even though it is a word commonly used this word means so much more. JewEL is derived from the first part which is Jew (a Group of People) and EL which is the end name or piece of a name that inspires Godliness = “Emanuel”.
The EL – Element also bind in with many Angel names, especially seeing that angels are the messenger of God and our helpers on earth.
So for me it means that God is blessing this venture and for all it stands and that I as an “Earth Angel” will inspire and help you in as much as I can in your quest to enlightment –
Bringing heaven and Earth together.
Most of the Crystals come for Brazil and the Ukraine and is of a very high quality. The shop also boasts a healing room on the premises, where people can come directly. The following healing modalities are on offer. Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, Body alignment, Crystal Healing as well as Angel Reading.
The shop opened its door in May 2016 and is going from strength to strength. Since coming to Mossel Bay in 2011, I wanted to open my healing practise again. Now more than ever, it is time to do so, this time incorporating crystals too, and what they can do for you.
My shop is situated inside Green Door Guest house, Marsh Street, Mossel Bay. It’s such a beautiful space and has the exact ambiance I was looking for. People who walk in here can feel the peace and tranquillity it offers. I have a lovely bench, where people can sit and talk to me and where I can give them some soul counselling…… Here we meet as strangers, but go our separate ways as friends.
The most important message I would wish to send the community, is that everyone regardless of religion is welcome to stop by and come visit me, be it for a chat or more….there might be a little treasure waiting for you…..always keep an open mind, for God created all and gave us all to use for our highest good.

From me Tersia, to you, I wish you a superwonderful day.

Sending love and light to each of you reading this artical.  

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LIFE… with Elsa

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Why is my staff demotivated?
We have all been taught to rely on our circumstances in order to make us happy or motivate us.
This is a dangerous concept because it means your happiness is depended on your circumstances.
Happiness and motivation are in fact something that needs to come from inside of us. When we connect to our inner life source and experience our joy and motivation from there, we will be happy and motivated no matter what the circumstances. When emotions/beliefs/habits and goals are in balance, this concept happens automatically.

How can we expect to reap joy when we never sow happy thoughts?
Everything we sow, we sow via our thoughts. Our thoughts will
Manifest in our reality and then become what we reap! Yes, this means that self-loathing thoughts will also manifest.
What is the impact of unhappy/trouble staff members? I’m sure, if you are reading this, you know exactly what the impact is – they are very much unproductive plus they infect each other with negativity.
The key is then to shift your staff’s perception from ‘happiness and motivation comes from outer things’ to ‘happiness and motivation comes from inside yourself. ‘

How can one do this;

  • lead by example
  • treat staff as you would like them to behave.
  • provide staff with opportunities to find/enhance their inner life source
  • provide staff with tools to improve their emotional/thought life
  • listen and be prepared to build a relationship by understanding a heart BEFORE asking for a hand.

What can staff members do;

  • focus on the things you are grateful for
  • find the little joys in your daily life
  • change your attitude from “poor me” to “how fortunate am I”
  • search/enhance your inner life source.
  • if you are unhappy in your current job, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • Remember: YOUR happiness is entirely up to YOU.

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Your credit score is an important part of your financial profile. It is what helps banks, finance companies and other credit providers decide if they should lend you money.
If you have a low credit score you will be considered high risk and as a result you may not be given a loan or you could be charged a higher interest rate to compensate for the additional risk, explains Direct Axis’ marketing head Marlies Kappers.
Credit bureaus calculate credit scores, but this doesn’t mean you’re not able to do anything about managing your score. Here are some tips that could help you avoid a low credit rating or maintain a good one.

Check your credit report:
South Africans are entitled to a free credit report each year. You can get one from any of the major credit bureaus. It will tell you your score and more importantly you can check for any mistakes. Make sure there are no late payments listed incorrectly and that the amount owed on each credit account is correct.

Pay on time:
Your payment record has a significant influence on your credit score. Even paying a few days late can negatively influence your rating. If you have to make regular payments, consider setting up a debit order so you don’t risk forgetting about or missing a payment. Alternatively put a reminder in your diary or calendar.

Reduce what you owe:
Use the credit report to list all your debts. Arrange these according to the interest rates charged on each. Try to pay off the ones with the highest interest rates first, while maintaining the minimum payments on your other accounts.

Pay off debt rather than moving it around:
Limit revolving debt such as credit cards. Don’t apply for credit cards or open store accounts to increase your available credit as this could lower your credit scores.
Tell creditors if you have a problem:
Keeping your creditors informed if you’re having difficulties won’t rebuild your credit score, but if you can negotiate a payment schedule your score should improve over time.

Outstanding debts will stay on your record:
If an account is overdue it will negatively affect your score. Making any payments or paying it off completely won’t clear your credit record, but will improve your credit score. Be aware though that information about your payment profile can stay on your record for up to five years. Closing an account doesn’t make the payment history go away and it may still be reflected on your credit score.
Marlies says the bottom line is to remember that your score is calculated based on information found in your credit report. This comprises your payment history, amounts owed and activity on an account, the age of your accounts – the older the better – judgements and defaults and defaults and enquiries about your credit worthiness.