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February the 25th is the one day of the year when you can visit numerous stalls on private farms and in historic Friemersheim during the annual Fragrance Fest. Come and enjoy this annual Fest between Great Brak and Friemersheim – arrive early with a picnic blanket and cooler bag, and travel at leisure along the circular tar/gravel road of 40 km.
The 2nd fun Milk Tart Competition, a birding event, an informal ride for cyclists, a new Friemersheim DIY walk/drive, tours at the Kobus Halliday Car Museum, the annual “Hap & Stap” to the Hakuna Matata lions, the Volkwyn Family Reunion … all this and much more will be happening on the scenic Fragrance Route on Saturday!
This year a Proe Safari is planned with interesting eats at every stop (“braai” is a definite theme). Buy proteas and plants at Santa Bonné, Friemersheim Kwekery, The Pink House and Hakuna Matata. Local products include exclusive Minda du Plessis tableware, new Pick Me body & home products, painted cakes from Lola’s Delights, Leeukloof Cheese, SharLeBel Mushrooms, etc.
Most venues are open from 07h00/08h00 until 16h00/17h00, but check the different times and plan your trip accordingly. Enjoy vistas of fynbos-covered countryside and majestic mountains along the way – and keep an eye open for game on the Kleinvlei Road. Great for bird watching and photography; you can also cycle the route or visit by motor bike.
Get your Fest information here: Printed Fragrance News programmes with maps available at various venues in Great Brak and on the Route; updated details on website (a phone friendly version will be launched before the Fest); a summary of the day’s activities appears on (Newsletter 8 at the bottom); a Facebook Event has been created – follow @greatbrakinfo. Or contact organizer Nelma Ruschioni:, 082 970 7213.
Caption: A world of tastes in one district – on Saturday you can buy local food at stalls all along the way on the scenic Fragrance Route .


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Meer as 23 jaar lank “Gee ons om” vir Mosselbaai en sy mense.
Yolanda Dunkerley, eienares van Mosselbaai Begrafnisdienste sê baie dankie aan ons Hemelse Vader, asook aan ons getroue en lojale kliënte sedert ons bestaansjaar in 1994.
Tydens ons 20ste verjaardagviering in 2014, het ‘n groot aantal van ons duisende lojale kliënte, wat vir langer as 20 jaar ons ondersteun het, sertifikate van erkenning asook klein geskenkies ontvang. As ‘n teken van ons dankbaarheid was dit lekker om hulle hiermee te bederf en ons hoop om dit binnekort weer te kan doen!

Dit is duidelik dat niks te gróót of te klein is vir hierdie goed gevestigde besigheid nie. Slegs deur kwaliteit diens en harde werk, gee ons by Mosselbaai Begrafnisdienste aan u die kliënt, die nodige gemoedsrus, ondersteuning en versekering van ‘n wel beplande, volledige begrafnisdiens.

Bo en behalwe begrafnisse, verassings en grafstene, bied ons ook ‘n sakpas begrafnispolis vir so min as R 80 per maand per gesin (twee volwassenes en ses kinders tot die ouderdom van 24 jaar wat totaal afhanklik is van hulle ouers). Ons het ook addissionele voordele soos: Kos, vervoer en kontant uitkeer.
Met takke in Mosselbaai Sentraal, D’Almeida en kwaNonqaba, kan Yolanda met haar vriendelike en professionele span u daadwerklik van uitstekende diens voorsien. Onthou, “Ons Gee Om.”
Tel: 044 690 3314.  

LIFE… with Elsa

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Why are educators emotionally drained?
Aside from all the admin, after school activities and marking books, there is an emotional side to being a teacher. Each one of us has a mirror on our chest. On this mirror, we carry all our beliefs and perceptions. We constantly mirror/reflect those beliefs and perceptions in each other leading to conflict, misunderstanding, trauma etc. The mirroring/reflection can also have a positive outcome, hence some people become very good friends. If you are an educator with 15-50 students in your classroom, you are bound to reflect something in your students and them in you.

What do mirroring and reflecting mean?
When someone does/say something that upsets/annoys/frustrates you, it is because they reflect something in you.
Example; Lucy is always late for Mr Ruter’s class. He is furious every time and scolds her. There is something in Lucy’s mind that makes her late for every one of Mr Ruter’s classes. Mr Ruter then takes it personally and might feel she doesn’t have respect for his time. When Mr Ruter is able to stay calm and realise that there is something else that makes Lucy late, he will actually access a different part of his mind that allows him to have a different approach to Lucy’s behaviour.

Most of us thought that students are just being rude / disrespectful or act like teenagers when in fact, it goes much deeper. Reflections are usually/mainly from perceptions. Do you understand then that Educators need to deal with much more than what was ever mentioned or expected?
How can Educators then help themselves to get rid of the reflections? Good news: When we control our perceptions, we control the reflections.
This is how:
Step 1: Write all your perceptions down about;
– Yourself as an educator
– Your classroom
– Your students and their abilities
Step 2: Find the perceptions that might have a negative impact on yourself and your students.
Step 3: Find the belief / root / thinking pattern behind those perceptions.
Step 4: Change them with what it is you want by visualising the difference between the new line of thought and the old perception.

Sounds complicated / Too difficult / Struggling?
Contact your expert Master NLP Practitioner, Elsa Cronje.

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Sedert Desember 2016 bied Beauty Lounge, ‘n professionele skoonheidsalon in die nuwe Hartenbos Seefront Sentrum, produkte en diens van hoogstaande kwaliteit aan persone van alle ouderdomme.
Eienaar Ronnette van Biljon sê sy het die besigheid begin uit ‘n liefde vir mense en ‘n passie om elke persoon pragtig en spesiaal te laat lyk en voel.
Beauty Lounge strewe om uitstekende kliëntediens te bied terwyl elke kliënt wat hulle besoek, aan die einde van die dag pragtig, gelukkig en beeldskoon daar moet uitstap.
Ronnette verduidelik dat hulle die volgende aanbied:
“Acrylic & Bio Sculpture Nails, Massages, Waxing, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Botox and Fillers, Microblading.”
“Om elke dogter spesiaal te laat voel, bied ons ook vir dogters van 4 jaar en ouer “pamper parties” en dogters tussen 12 en 16 jaar “teen treats” aan”, sê Ronnette.
“Die tienerdogters ontvang spesiale pryse op facials, manis en pedis. Van kleintyd af moet dogters ook mos spesiaal en beeldskoon voel, of hoe? En op Donderdae kry pensionarisse boonop 10% afslag!”
By Beauty Lounge glo ons aan persoonlike verhoudings met elkeen van ons kliënte. Ons is bereid om daardie ekstra myl te loop waar nodig.
Deur persoonlike ondervinding het ek geleer dat jy enigiets kan doen as jy gefokus bly en weet dat met God aan jou sy, jy tot alles in staat is.
Kom kuier vandag nog by Beauty Lounge en ervaar hulle passie en omgee vir jou!
(Beauty Lounge: Tel. 071 491 9899)

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BUSINESS FOCUS: Dynamic Vision

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Describe your business in a short paragraph: We are an Optometric practice. We are part of a buying group with all the members having the the same moto in there practice. “Eyecare excellence!”. We strive to treat every patient coming through our door with only the best service and quality available and affordable to each person.

When did you start your business?
The Hartenbos branch opened its door nearly four years ago after moving from Dana Bay to Hartenbos.

What prompted you to start/buy your business? I have always been passionate about eyecare, thus after qualifying as an optometrist more than 26 years ago I have always been practicing since then. I have seen South Africa, for I have been practicing in wonderful places! The likes of Pietersburg, Nelspruit, Malelane, Komatipoort, Sabie, White River and Boksburg .

My business is aimed at? Providing eyecare excellence, therefore providing my patients only the best service and best products available to them at affordable prices.

What products/services are you offering?
We provide a comprehensive eye test after which I will determine what product, if need be to provide to my patients. We always have budget options available to our non-medical aid patients and excellent quality products for our medical aid members. We often have special promotions available to our patients.

What is your competitive advantage?
I believe in spending time with each patient I consult, whereby I can have a good idea of what my patients needs are. Often people are given incorrect spectacles for their specific needs. We tend to forget that an eye test is about an hour long and your patient forgets what is said during this time, however the person needs to wear their spectacles for at least a year or two nearly everyday!!!

Personal achievements?
I believe in a healthy balance in life. I love to read, run, cycle and paint. I am very fortunate to have an art studio in my practice in Hartenbos where I can practice my hobby with my work. Chrisitina Dykstra, my lovely practise manager and receptionist is always ready to help our patients with mostly everything. If I, Sonja van Graan, am not available, please feel free to contact us should you be interested in a quotation.

Tel: 044 692 0247

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