Month: October 2017


Maak gereed vir die 6de Cabaret by De Dekke op 8 en 9 November! Vanjaar bied Petro Taute se gewilde show baie nuwe verrassings en 3 instansies sal daarby baat: Groot-Brak Kindersorgvereniging, Sonskynvallei Nasorg (Hartenbos) en Diepkloof Kleuterskool (Glentana). Sedert verlede jaar word kaartjies vir Woensdag- en Donderdagaand verkoop en met tafels vir 10 wat bespreek kan word, is dit die ideale geleentheid om gesellig saam met vriende en familie te kom kuier. Kaartjies bly R100 en is beskikbaar vanaf middel Oktober – kontak Petro by
083 287 6958 om tafels te bespreek, en vir meer inligting.

Petro Taute’s annual cabaret in aid of Child Welfare Great Brak River, Sonskynvallei After-Care, Hartenbos and Diepkloof Kleuterskool, Glentana is now in its 6th year – and it has become so popular that there are now 2 shows: on Wednesday, 8 and Thursday, 9 November.

De Dekke has sponsored the venue since the very first year and all the artists (professional and not), plus the rest of the back-up team, give their time for free to support this worthy cause. The theme remains “60 minutes around the world” and as always a wonderful evening of entertainment awaits with a variety of elements – song, dance, and a bit of humour.

Come and enjoy the fabulous voices of artists Petronel Baard (also Musical Director), Mordegai Erasmus, Zanah-Lee Erasmus, Alzonia Titus, Marius du Bruyn and Rick Wilson. “A celebrity from Hollywood” promises to be one of the highlights and Broadway, the Sixties in England, Brazilian dancing and a Spanish dance and music trio are also included. There will be a lucky draw right at the end with sponsored prizes to be won on both nights.

Contact Petro Taute on 083 287 6958 regarding tickets, tables for 10, and enquiries; no tickets sold at the door. Tickets sell @ R100 and only tables for 10 can be booked in advance. Doors will open at 17h30 for 19h30 with an à la carte menu and cash bar available. For tickets in the Hartenbos and Mossel Bay area, contact Linda Robertson on 082 789 6566.


Jaloesie binne ‘n verhouding of huwelik is baie sleg want sonder vertroue kan geen vriendskap, verhouding of huwelik oorleef nie.

As jou maat jaloers is gaan dit NIE oor jou nie, dis die een wat jaloers is, wat die probleem het.
Jaloesie laat ‘n mens in jouself twyfel … is ek mooi en goed genoeg, is ek te vet, te maer, te dom of te arm .

Oormatige jaloesie is ‘n simptoom van ander ernstiger onderliggende probleme.
Wanneer iemand obsessief raak of wanneer jou metgesel jou met ‘n valkoog begin dophou, agtervolg, dreig en jou van vriende en familie wil vervreem is dit lankal tyd !!

Tyd om weg te breek voor dit te laat is en dinge geweldadig raak.
Dit sal NIE beter gaan of verander nie.
Om te bly sal jou lewe in ‘n lewende hel omskep, met nagevolge wat niks of niemand sal spaar of ontsien nie.

Jy hoef net die radio aan te skakel of ‘n koerant oop te maak om die realiteit van jaloesie te besef.
Ek ken iemand wat meer as eenkeer in so ‘n huwelik en verhoudings betrokke was en eending is seker, die tekens en patroon was elke keer dieselfde.

Nou hoe beland jy weer en weer in dieselfde posisie ?
Deur nie ons instink te vertrou en te volg nie. Daarby is ons te geneig om elke keer vir ons maat se onaanvaarbare gedrag verskoning te maak.

Moet nie glo dat jaloesie ‘n teken van liefde is nie … dit is NIE !!

Volg jou instink en neem die dapper besluit … volgende keer mag te laat wees !


The long summer vacation is just around the corner and many kids will be at home enjoying some fun holiday time.
“Kids who’s parents work during the holidays will be at home with a caregiver, domestic worker or possibly just by themselves. Now is a great time to teach them about staying safe at home during the holidays,” says Peter Kruger, district manager (Coastal Outlying Branches) for Fideltiy ADT.

He offers these top security tips for parents:

Teach children to keep entry and exit doors locked, and that nobody is to enter the property without your permission.

If you have a home security system installed teach them how to activate and de-activate it and how and when to use other security devices like panic buttons.

Have a list of emergency contacts – including the 10111 number – near the telephone and explain to children when and how it must be used.

If you allow the children to walk to a friend in the neighbourhood, walk the route with them before they try it on their own. Tell them to let you know when they are leaving and when they arrive. Explain that it is better to walk a slightly longer route down familiar streets where there is more activity, than taking short-cuts across fields or deserted areas.

There’s a good chance that kids will be watching TV or spend time online, so make sure that parental control settings are on and privacy settings are as high as possible. Make sure they understand that they should never post any personal information online – like an address, email address or mobile number – and if they see something online that makes them feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: they should leave the website, turn off their computer and tell someone immediately.

“It’s important to also ensure that they know that a caregiver or domestic worker is in charge while you are at work. They should also know that they can call you at any time or can press the panic button if they feel unsafe. Empowering children to be safety savvy is a great gift,” he concludes.
Issued on behalf of ADT Security


Engen Driver Wellness, a mobile health awareness initiative run by Thubelihle Occupational Health & Wellness is taking place at the Engen Mosselbay 1 Stop along the N2 on September 28th from 10:00 – 17:00 and all bulk truck drivers are invited to stop by and get free health screenings.Engen Driver Wellness, a mobile health awareness initiative run by Thubelihle Occupational Health & Wellness is taking place at the Engen Mosselbay 1 Stop along the N2 on September 28th from 10:00 – 17:00 and all bulk truck drivers are invited to stop by and get free health screenings.
The initiative which impacts positively on the country’s bulk truck driver operators continues to increase driver participation in voluntary screenings and improved health scores.
Over the next seven months the programme will reach 21 sites in five provinces.Running for its sixth year, Engen Driver Wellness continues to bring health to the front seat for truck drivers by providing them with free health screenings.
Operated nationwide at Engen Truck Stops and retail service stations, drivers are offered free voluntary screenings in mobile clinics. These are conducted by qualified nurses and councillors where blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, tuberculosis, BMI (Body Mass Index) and HIV/AIDS are tested.
Engen’s Corporate Social Investment Manager, Mntu Nduvane says that the main aim of this initiative is to improve health through awareness. “Education helps to remind drivers and our employees why their health is important and how life choices impact on their well-being. Ultimately this increases their health, safety and productivity.”“There has been a marked increase in the amount of individuals using the services we provide which is a clear indication that this intervention is making a difference to the wellbeing of drivers and will ultimately lead to a healthier industry,” adds Nduvane.
As testing is voluntary, the incremental acceptance of health management as a path to longevity and wellbeing are important indicators that health empowerment is gaining traction. Given the long and lonely hours long haul drivers spend on the road and the stresses associated with the job, these interventions form a critical pillar of support.“Our most recent statistics show how cholesterol screening jumped by 63% from 2014 to 2015. Glucose testing went up by 18.5% and 16% more drivers tested their Body Mass Index (BMI), while blood pressure screening also realised an increase of 16% for 2015. HIV and STI testing rose by 16% between 2014 and 2015 and TB Screening saw a 15% upsurge, “ added Nduvane.
Engen’s focus on Health and Safety is aligned to its business. Health and Safety is entrenched in every aspect of the company’s operations. World-class standards and guidelines govern all of Engen’s practices in this regard and are applied vigorously to ensure operational excellence and best practice.
“Engen’s Driver Wellness campaign continues to have a massive all-round impact. This includes both on the drivers and their families, who benefit from reduced exposure to diseases and greater longevity of a breadwinner, and of course on the company itself, in terms of improved worker productivity, skills retention and disease management,” says Nduvane.

Details for the PE region are as follows and all truck drivers are invited to take charge of their health and get themselves checked out:
Mosselbay 1 Stop N2 Mosselbay – 28-Sep 10:00 – 17:00Gone South Engen Truck Stop  No 1 Old Grahamstown Road, Swartkops – 23-Oct 17:00 – 22:00East London Engen Truckstop 16A Settlers Way, Gately, Wesbank, East London – 25-Oct 17:00 – 22:00Airport Motors 9 Breezyvale Rd. Orange Groove 26-Oct 10:00 – 17:00


If you are wondering what to do during the school holidays,
Please find attached fun filled, action packed events calendar to help you with a plan of action.

The Sport Festival is currently on at the moment.

Don’t forget to diarise the 7th October 2017 for our “ Kwela Dorp van die Jaar Makietie”

These events are just a few, of plenty more to come! So keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of the Mossview for a bunch more activities

For more information feel free to contact us:
044 691 2202

As jy wonder wat jy in die skool vakansie kan doen, hier is ñ lys van klomp aktiwiteite vir die volgende twee weke


Die Sportfees is tans aan op die oomblik.
Moet nie vergeet om die 7de Oktober te dagboek vir ons “Kwela Dorp van die Jaar Makietie” nie.

Hierdie lysie van aktiwiteite is maar net n voorsmaak van wat nog voorlë. Kyk uit vir die volgende uitgawe van die Mossview vir nog vele meer!

Vir meer inligting kontak ons gerus:
044 691 2202

THE BEST GIFT IS FREE – Teaching your kids the value of money

“To prevent financially ignorant, unprepared, vulnerable children being sent out in the world on their own, parents must be willing to invest time in their children to teach them how to become wise stewards of their resources.”-Philip Nortje Parents love their kids and most would, if they could, buy them the world. In today’s economic climate, however, buying for your kids is often just not possible and can lead totrolley-time-tantrums: Parents trying to hush their screaming child is a common sight whileshopping and may lead others to think that the child is spoilt. Most often however, this is not the case. Children are children after all, and most lack the fundamental understanding of money, and that that yes, mom was actually right: Money does not grow on trees. This leaves anxious parents, eager to bring calm to a screaming shopping aisle, often giving in to their child anyway if it means fewer looks from fellows hoppers, and an afternoon of peace. It’s all understandable, and yes, Mom and Dad, we empathize. As such, Kirsten ReynoldsWood, Brand and Marketing Executive at GetBucks, has offered some valuable tips to help parents teach their kids the value of money. After all, financial rearing can never start too early and can leave a long-lasting legacy of good financial habits.

1. Teach the idea of ‘value’. Have fun doing it! 2.Teach the idea of ‘earning’.
3.Teach the idea of ‘want’ versus ‘need’.
4.Teach the idea of ‘saving’.

As a parent, we acknowledge that you always try to do your best to empower your kids to be financially smart and turn those trolley-time-tantrums into budget-savvy kids is the best life-long gift you can get your child – and it’s free!


U huidige beroep?
Eienaar/bestuurder Mossel Bay Backpackers

Wat motiveer jou?
Die lewe self motiveer my.

Noem een ding wat altyd jou belangstelling prikkel.
Mense en hulle dinge

Wat is die domste ding wat jy nog gedoen het?
Om sonder my lipstiffie te gaan inkopies doen.

Watter “nuttelose” talent het jy waarvan niemand weet nie?
Ek hou nie daarvan om my kosbare tyd te mors deur te was en stryk.

As jy en persoon se werk vir ‘n week kon oorneem, wie s’n sou dit wees en hoekom?
Ontvangs sal ek met graagte doen,… die interaksie met mense

Wat was jou mees verleë (embarrassing) oomblik/ondervinding/geleentheid nog?
Het op n shopping spree gegaan sonder enige geld in my beursie

As jy ‘n miljoen rand sou wen, hoe sal jy dit spandeer?
Oeee!! Ek kan doen met n miljoen om behoeftiges happy te hou

Ek verlaat nooit my huis sonder ……
My lipstiffie

Jou gunsteling restaurant en gereg?
Route 57, geniet n heerlike steak, en rond die aand af met Sago poeding.

As jy een wens van ‘n “genie” kon kry, waarvoor sal jy wees?
Om my huidige gesonde lewe te verleng tot en met 105 jr

Deel ‘n paar interessante feite omtrent jouself.
Ek is n passievolle mens met baie engergie, ….mal oor uitdagings,…..jaloers op die tyd!!! Wat te vinnig verby gaan..

Het jy ‘n boodskap vir die gemeenskap van Mosselbaai?
Ons het n pragtige dorp, wees trots op Mosselbaai.

Tel. nr: 0797135324.