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Name and Surname
Bianca Van Zyl

What is your current occupation?
Execitve Marketing Manager.

How long have you lived in the Mossel Bay area?
I’ve lived in Mosselbay on and off for about 12 years

Name one thing that always peaks your interest.
Art and creativeness.

What’s one movie that always makes you laugh?

What useless talent do you have that nobody knows about?
Love to cook.

If you could take over one persons job for a week, who’s would it be and why?
Nobody’s job. I belief that you have to learn and make a success of your own life.

What book are you reading at the moment?

If you won a Million, how would you spend it?
I would support the SKILLIE ­ PROJECT
(www.tsidakah​.weebly​.com) and the rest would go for investment.

I never leave home without ……….
My cellphone.

What is your favourite restaurant and meal?
I don’t really have a favourite restaurant, but I could eat my mom’s food everyday.

Your favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere peaceful and calm.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.
I’m married and have 2 children and love painting. I’m also involved in a ministry that functions internationally.

What is your message to the community of Mossel Bay and area?
I would say “ Never give up and keep on going. Live your dreams in the midst of life’s storms or you will never get to live your dream or enjoy life.
Describe your business in a short paragraph:
We are a whole sale distribution company that sells frozen products.

When did you start your business?:
Company was established 4 years ago but we only extended our wholesale area 6 months ago.

My business is aimed at?
uplifting communities.

What products / services are you offering?
Currently frozen products as Chicken, Fish, Russians.

What is your competitive advantage?
Our Prices.

What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
We’re not just a business. We do upliftment in organizations, schools and old age homes.

Complete the following statements:
“ Through experience, I’ve learnt that…..”
every good seed planted, will deliver a good harvest.

“ In future my business will offer…..”
Always competitive prices.

What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Although all odds are against you, Keep on going you are a winner.

Bianca van Zyl
Tel: 071 657 8628  

Business Focus – Hannah de Lange

Hannah de Lange-  Bus Focus

My name is Hannah and I have an excellent 39 year track record in the travel industry building up all the prerequisite skills, expertise and qualifications to handle the most demanding of travel accounts.

As a home-based Travel Counsellor working for myself, building my own business and supported operationally by an amazing company, I deliver quality travel solutions which consistently save my clients time, money and valuable resources, while also guaranteeing the best value for their travel spend. I offer a truly concierge travel service which also means that I am available at a time which best suits my clients similarly; I am fully mobile and so can meet my clients from the comfort of their home or workplace.

Many companies are currently grappling with how best to handle their travel requirements, in some cases they are paying large fees to Travel Management Companies or to Travel Agents, without really seeing any real value in return. Others have opted for a “Do it Yourself” approach, believing that this is the most cost effective solution, when in fact a business traveller or personal assistant can spend hours trawling the internet lured by websites promising “lowest rates or using Self Booking Tools to find what they perceive to be the best rates, when not all available rates and fares are displayed in these mediums.

Companies could also end up paying a higher price in the long term because hotels, car hire companies and airlines require pre-payment in full and provide little or no flexibility on tickets. This is where I fit in, as I have access to world class travel tools including Galileo and Phenix and will always search multiple distribution channels to bring you speedy informed impartial advice and a variety of options, leaving your personnel free to handle their day to day work.

I would really appreciate an opportunity of a meeting to discuss the possibility of being of service to your company, either now or in the future and will contact you again to follow up.

For further details about my services please view my websites Leisure:

Best Regards

Hannah De Lange
082 587 5814 or 044 692 0024

Business Focus – Pecan Nuts


Describe your business in a short paragraph:
Selling Pecan Nuts
When did you start your business?
June 2013
What prompted you to start / buy your business?
Being health “nuts” ourselves we wanted to sell a healthy product and these nuts being high in Omega 3 oils seemed to be ideal and in great demand.
My business is aimed at?
The general public and in particular health conscious people and home industries (bakers)!
What products / services are you offering?
As above.
What is your competitive advantage?
A quality product at a competitive price.
Personal achievements:
We came to South Africa in 1964 from London U.K. and within 3 months opened a photographic studio in Kempton Park under the name of Glenn Photography – we specialized in Commercial, Industrial end Wedding photography.
Our professionalism and service was immediately appreciated and accepted by the community for 40 years but then we had to close because of crime, so we chose to come down to Mossel Bay.
What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
Quality of our product with good marketing and a passion for what we do.
Complete the following statements:
“ Through experience, I’ve learnt that…..”
It’s not what you say it’s what you do and honesty and friendliness is the best policy.
What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Being 81 and my wife 76 we like to talk health and NO.1 has to be, Stop Smoking NOW and start living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the quality of life we are lucky to have in this fantastic town of ours – Mossel Bay – with its sunshine, beaches and its outstanding history.



BUSINESS FOCUS – Azur Creations

Mary Hasse (2) Azur

Mense noem my “n kunstenaar, geseënd, talentvol en nog baie ander byvoeglike naamwoorde!!!!
Vir my is dit gawes en talente wat ek van die Vader ontvang het, en wat ek gebruik !
In elke mens is daar verskuilde segmente wat nie ontwikkel word agv die feit dat jy te bang is om te probeer, bang jy faal.? Miskien omstandighede of ontkenning.
Vaardigheid kan aangeleer word, deur volharding, doelgerigtheid, deursettingsvermoë gedrewenheid en waagmoed asook ‘n wil om sukses te behaal.
Wat jy ookal aanpak doen dit met volle oorgawe.
Ek is net ‘n doodgewone persoon, maar ek leef soos Maya Angelo sê …” Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”.
Matrikuleer in Bloemhof, geleentheid om te studeer? Niks daarvan nie. Gewone klerk by Agri. Later trou ek, help 2 jr my man in sy Ingenieurswerke. Vir die vlg 4 jr woon ons in ‘n karavaan in die reservate (waterboorwerk). Net soms sien ek my huis. Na hierdie tydperk koop ons ‘n plaas in die verre Noord Transvaal, waar ons 37 jr woon. Hier poog ek om ‘n “oase” te skep te midde van alle goeie en slegte tye! Maak ook 3 kinders groot.
In hierdie tyd word die kinders groot en nou bekwaam ek my as ‘n Voorkomskonsultant. Hierin werp ek my hart en siel en doen dit vir 10 jr. vanaf my studio op die plaas. Baie harde werk, maar goed vir my siel en menswees. In ‘n kompetisie behaal ek dan ook die 1e plek in SA en wen ‘n reis na Londen.
Tydens ‘n vakansie gedurende die 37 jr ry ons tot by Mosselbaai se hawe, Onnodig om te s was ek hoegenaamd nie beiindruk nie. Met die draai slag ry ons voor Craft Art verby, Om geen rede wys ek na die gebou en se vir my man: ” sien jy die plek, hier kom ek nog heen”.
Die jare gaan verby en ons verkoop die plaas. Bespreek ‘vervoerders ‘ en toe die vraag …waarheen? Wat is die verste wat ek sal gaan ,,,,,,Mosselbaai (teensinnig).
So is dit dan nou waar ons beland en woon nou al 10 jr hier. Begin met kursusse by Andre Broodryk in die juwele bedryf. So word ek dan sy vennoot. Nou al amper 10 jr besig om te doen wat ek glo die Vader vir my beplan het, In hierdie tyd help my man my om alles tot stand te bring.
Maar helaas ontval hy my 15 maande gelede. Al vashou wat ek nou het is my winkels, en die wete dat ek moet aangaan, met mense moet omgaan my kennis en lewenservaring moet deel met ander, hetsy in my beroep of persoonlik. Ek moet na mense kan luister en HOOR wat hulle sê.
Ek het ‘n passie vir mense, en deur my vorige ondervinding in die voorkoms-wêreld kan ek dus baie maklik mense se styl-persoonlikhede optel. Ek het ook kennis van grootte, kleur, wat werk en wat werk nie, en lees maklik mense se lyftaal.
Ek voel ook aan wanneer mense onseker is en deel graag raad oor moontlike maar sinvolle keuses.
Wat my teiken mark betref – ek skep diversiteit deur min van een soort item aan te skaf. Ek wil nie net die Buitelandse mark bereik nie, maar vir mense om my en minder gegoedes ook iets bied wat kan vreugde bring.
Tensy daar ‘n behoefte en ‘n opdrag is, maak ek ook nooit twee identiese artikels nie.
Gee graag raad ivm die aanmekaar sit, tegniek en kleur asook hoe om ‘n gewone stuk/artikel in iets unieks te omskep.
Ou en stukkende stringe krale (uit ouma se dae) omskep ek in iets wat weer modieus is. Ek herstel ook stukkende stukke sover dit in my vermoë is.
My studio en werksplek weerspieël my passie en is netjies en kunstig gedekoreer, om ‘n atmosfeer van warmte te skep.
Benewens die juwele werk en verkoop ek ook artikels gemaak van skulp en glas. Daar is ook brei- en hekelwerk en talle ander artikels – iets vir almal teen ‘n sakpas prys.
Kom besoek my gerus in my studio vir hulp, raad, en dalk sommer net om bietjie warmte in die koue, weer te ervaar.
My leuse waarvolgens ek elke ding aanpak is:
“Out of my creative hand I give a piece of my soul to you”. • Mary Hasse 082 559 6361


unnamed (2) Easy Skips

Beskryf u besigheid in ‘n kort paragraaf:
George en Mosselbaai Easy Skips is ondernemings wat ‘n diens aan die gemeenskap en sakesektor verskaf nl. vervoer van sand, klip, boumateriaal, tuinvullis en herwinningsmateriale.

Wanneer het u besigheid begin?
Die ondernemings het amptelik begin op 21 Mei 2014.

Wat het u aangespoor om u besigheid te begin?
As gevolg van die sukses wat behaal is in die Weskus.

Op watter segment van die gemeenskap is u besigheid gemik?
Op die George en Mosselbaai huisbewoners en sakesektor, veral bouers en vir die kliënt wat klein bouprojekte aanpak.

Watter produkte/dienste bied u aan?
Ons vervoer sand, klip, bourommel, tuinvullis en herwinningsmateriale.
Ons plaas, U vul, Ons verwyder!.

Watter voordeel het u bo u mededingers?
Ons is bekostigbaar, die skip is klein (2m³), neem min spasie op. Hou die werksperseel skoon, netjies en groen.

Wat laat u besigheid bo ander uitblink?
Stiptelikheid, voortreflike diens en kliënte tevredenheid is vir George en Mosselbaai Easy Skips eerste prioriteit.

Die belangrikste boodskap wat jy met die gemeenskap wil deel?
Geen werk is te groot of te klein vir ons nie. George en Mosselbaai Easy Skips pas aan by die kliënt se behoeftes en sal daarvolgens handel.

Die twee ondernemings nl. George en Mosselbaai Easy Skips staan onder die eienaarskap van Faan Truter wat ook die eienaar van die Weskus Easy Skips onderneming is.

Lloyd Calitz van Hartenbos is aangestel as Bestuurder/Bemarker vir die George & Mosselbaai ondernemings. Sy vrou, Alida vorm deel van de span en behartig die Administratiewe sy van die ondernemings..


unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed

As jongman, het ek altyd ‘n passie gehad vir tegnologie en elektrisiteit, waar wetenskap later ook ‘n passie geword het. My laaste skooljaar by die Punt Hoërskool in Mosselbaai, het ek besluit om my droom, om elektrisiën te word, bewaarheid, en het aansoek gedoen by ‘n elektriese maatskappy. My ma, wat ook my inspirasie is, het my aangemoedig om te volhard in dit wat ek graag wou doen. Alhoewel sy ‘n enkelouer is, was dit nie altyd maklik vir haar nie, maar ek en my sussie kon nog altyd staatmaak op haar. Na ‘n jaar by die maatskappy het ek aansoek gedoen om ‘n beurs by die Suidkaap Kollege om Elektries te studeer. In my tweede jaar op Kollege het ek aansoek gedoen by die PetroSA COE as Elektriese student. Hier het deure vir my letterlik begin oopgaan.

Gedurende my vlak 2, het ek en 2 mede kollegas deelgeneem aan die Nasionale CHIETA kompetisie vir ambagsmanne en vroue. Die kompetisie het plaasgevind by NESCA in die Noord-Wes. Dit was ‘n tawwe kompetisie maar weens my passie vir die ambag het ek deurgetrek en tweede prys behaal. Met die prysgeld wat ek gewen het en nog spaargeld wat ek bymekaar gemaak het met die PetroSA “ Shutdown” 2013 het ek besluit om my moeder se droom te bewaarheid om eendag haar eie bloemiste winkel te hê. Op 20 Januarie 2014 het die deure van my ma se bloemiste, FLOWERBOX geopen.

Baie dankie aan PetroSA Centre of Excellence vir sulke geleenthede, asook my moeder Karen Fourie, opleidings beampte (Mr Nolan Arends) asook my mede studente vir hul ondersteuning en bystand.
Moet nooit moed opgee nie, glo in jou drome en dat alles altyd moontlik is met die Here aan jou kant.

Christo Fourie, Level 3 Electrical Learner at the PetroSa Centre of Excellence.

I always had a passion to work with technology, and it was my dream to become an electrician. Later as I grew older, I discovered that science also became a passion of mine. During my last year at school (Point High School, Mossel Bay) I decided to apply for a job at an Electrical company. With great encouragement and support from my mother, Karin Fourie it was easy. After a year at the company I applied for a bursary at the South Cape College, the PetroSA Centre of Excellence advertizing for Learnerships in Electrical and I applied. My application was successful!
Here my story begins: Last year, the CHIETA had a National CHIETA competition for different trades where two colleagues (also learners) and I took part in. This was extremely stressful but due to my passion for the trade it went well and I won second prize in this competition.

I saved the money and in September 2013, PetroSA had a Shutdown where, we as learners also got the opportunity to take part in and due to the extra hours we worked, received extra on our allowances. With my savings I decided to make my mothers dream a reality to have her own florist.

On 20 January 2014, we opened the doors of FLOWERBOX. Thank you to PetroSA Centre of Excellence for the opportunities where we as the community and leaders of the future can start to live out our dreams.

A big thank you to my mother, Karen Fourie my inspiration, my trainer, Mr Nolan Arends for his support, by believing in me, as well as my colleagues for their support.
My Message: Don’t ever give up, believe in your dreams and know that all things are possible if you have God on your side. •

The Flower Box

Business Focus – The Christian Leadership Academy

Describe your business in a short paragraph:
The Christian Leadership Academy provides training that is aimed at different branches of ministry and focuses on the needs of candidates for such ministries.

“Equipping the Body of Christ to Fulfill Purpose and Achieve Destiny”

When did you start your business?
CLA was founded in 2001.

What prompted you to start/buy your business?
God desires all believers to be equipped to do their part in the Body of Christ, His Church.

From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.

Written in the context of spiritual gifts, Ephesians 4:16 emphasizes the importance of everybody doing their part.

My business is aimed at?
Leaders who will help others to make a difference where they are: to be, to do and to carry good news within their contexts.

What products/services are you offering?
Some of our study fields are Preaching, Pastoral Care, Pastoral Counselling, Evangelism, Leadership dynamics, Missions, Old and New Testament, Exegesis, Spiritual Formation, Life Coaching and many more.

What is your competitive advantage?
All faculty members are selected for their success in ministry, academic background, and concern and care for students.
We have always been committed to providing our students with the most affordable education possible.

What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
CLA has grown substantially through the years and we continually look to the future while holding fast to the heritage of our faith.
“For the love of Christ compels us”
II Corinthians 5:14 (NIV)

What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Share our passion by starting to help others to make a difference where you are, and to carry the good news. •

Christian Leadership Academy

Business Focus – FINOVO

Beskryf u besigheid in ‘n kort paragraaf:
Finovo is registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA). Our services include:

– Company registrations with CIPC
– Company and Closed Corporation amendments
with CIPC
– Bookkeeping
– Monthly Management statements
– Annual Financial Statements
– BEE certificates for EME
– SARS registrations e.g. VAT, PAYE, Income Tax
– SARS returns e.g. EMP201, EMP501, VAT201,
ITR12, IT14, IRP6
– SARS dispute resolution

Wanneer het u besigheid begin?

Wat het u aangespoor om u besigheid te begin?
Saw an opportunity in the market.

Op watter segment van die gemeenskap is u besigheid gemik?
Everybody that is in need of accounting services ,needs advice on starting a new business etc.

Watter produkte/dienste bied u aan?
Consulting, Taxation, Accounting and all related services a one stop shop from A – Z

Watter voordeel het u bo u mededingers?
Attention to detail and personal service
Persoonlike hoogtepunte/suksesse/prestasies
500 + Kliente

Wat laat u besigheid bo ander uitblink?
Friendly, professional and efficient services

Voltooi die volgende stellings:
“Ondervinding het my geleer dat mense net waarde vir geld soek”
“In die toekoms sal my besigheid die volgende (aan) bied ,n volle BEE funksie en wil graag ook gepaste beleggings advise kan gee”

Die belangrikste boodskap wat jy met die gemeenskap wil deel?
Mens moet jou positioneer om gereed te wees sodra n geleentheid aan jou deur klop, maak seker jy het belasting klaring, maak seker jou entiteit is op datum, praat met n gepaste kenner oor hoe om dit te vermag •



Business Focus – The Music Station

355 364 373 519

For some people a dream or love for something only stays a while but for Nico Reis the Old train station has always been close to his heart, it is his challenge to bring back the train station to its former glory by turning the station into a family haven. Pub, food, braai and kiddies play area.Nico, his wife Yvonne, wanita and super-sterre runner up 2010 Giovanni make up this new team at station.
Nico and Yvonne are also the owners of Gran’s Nest guest house in mosselbay for over 10 years.We have always wanted to move to mosselbay and get a lease for the station, and finally after 6 years we have it!!!!
Our vision for the Music Station is for families to feel safe and come and enjoy and relax in a safe haven for the whole family, we also want to offer upcoming artists the chance to perform at our station as we are a LIVE ENTERTAINMENT VENUE!We also cater for private functions, any function!We are a fully licensed pub with braai facilities totally free of charge-we offer braai packs and sides for a generous fee of R40.
Pateons can sit outside on the paron or on the terraces.There are ample space for little ones to play outside and soon we will be having pizzas and children can come and build their own pizza!!!!The Music Stations kitchen will be open SOON, for scrumptious station inspired pub meals!!
For a relaxed time out with good music, you need to come and visit this new venue.

The Music Station

Business Focus – JJ Pretorius Project Management

Oupa & kids

Beskryf u besigheid in ‘n kort paragraaf:
My besigheid, J.J. Pretorius Project Management bou nuwe huise, ons doen aanbouings en ons doen onderhoudswerk op bestaande geboue en huise.

Wanneer het u besigheid begin?
Julie 2000

Wat het u aangespoor om u besigheid te begin?
Ek was moeg om onder mense te werk wat nie bevoeg is om in posisies te wees om besluite te neem waar hulle nie die besluite kan neem nie.

Op watter segment van die gemeenskap is u besigheid gemik?
Tik antwoord hierOp die besigheids gemeenskap sowel as die huiseienaars, meenthuise en woonstelle.

Watter produkte/dienste bied u aan?
J.J.Pretorius Project Management is geregistreer by die NHBRC om nuwe woonhuise te bou sowel as aanbouings. J.J.Pretorius is ook geregistreer by die Raad van Argitektuur om sodoende bouplanne te kan optrek vir die goedkeuring daarvan by die stadsrade.

Watter voordeel het u bo u mededingers?
J.J.Pretorius is n Timmerman van ambag. Ek het vakleerlinge opgelei by Bifsa Training Collage. Ek was bouinspekteur vir 11 jaar en hoofbouinspekteur vir 5 jaar. Ek is redelik op hoogte van die bouregulasies en die vereistes van die versekering rondom goedgekeurde bouplanne ens. My ondervinding en kennis is van baie belang.

Persoonlike hoogtepunte/suksesse/prestasies
Die feit dat ek vir myself kan werk en vir ander mense n goeie diens kan lewer.

Wat laat u besigheid bo ander uitblink?
Ek kan goeie diens lewer wat baie voordele van besparing en tyd vir diegene inhou wat bouwerk wil doen.

Voltooi die volgende stellings:
“Ondervinding het my geleer ……………….”
Ondervinding het my geleer dat eerlikheid die beste manier is om mee besigheid te doen.

“In die toekoms sal my besigheid die volgende (aan) bied ………….”
My besigheid sal die beste diens en raad moontlik aanbied vir die beplanning en die bou van nuwe woonhuise en aanbouings.

Die belangrikste boodskap wat jy met die gemeenskap wil deel?
Wees altyd nederig en behandel ander met respek. •