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The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery offers a wide variety of freshly roasted artisan coffees, delicious cakes and savouries. It’s the perfect place to kick start your day or unwind with a very unique view of the harbor and central Mossel Bay.

Its quaint atmosphere will surely captivate you with lots of activities form a challenging game of chess to lazing with a book on a lounger, listen to some classics LP’s or simply soak up the atmosphere. They host a variety of activities throughout the month from crochet classes to second hand sales. Join their Facebook page to be kept up to date.

Describe your business in a short paragraph:

The Blue Shed Coffee Roastery specializes in the art of a perfectly roaster cup of coffee. With ten single origin beans and three blends to choose from there is a perfect cup of coffee for everybody. Sit down and drink a cup or take home some beans to enjoy anytime.

When did you start your business?
We opened on 13 December 2013. Still brand new.

What prompted you to start / buy your business?
The Blue Shed was the vision of Albert Wiffen who offered me the opportunity to manage this exciting new venture. Four months ago I would never have guessed that I would dabble in the art of coffee making yet somehow I feel my life would have been emptier without it. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and am loving every second of it.

My business is aimed at?
Our business is aimed at anyone and everyone that loves coffee. Coffee is truly a passion that should be shared with the world.

What products / services are you offering?
We roast a wide variety of artisan coffee which you can enjoy brewed on site or take home to enjoy anytime of the day. We also have fresh cakes and savories available for the hungry as well homemade preserves and jams. You can enjoy board games, chess or join one of our events which includes crochet classes and second hand sales. We’ll soon be hosting more social clubs, book sales and live events which can be seen on our facebook page. We also offer wiffi because you should always be connected.

What is your competitive advantage?
We love what we do.

Personal achievements:
Every individual that walks in and enjoys our coffee is a personal achievement.

What makes your business stand out in the crowd?
We stand out in a crowd because we love what we do. Coffee is a meditative and creative drink. It’s a cup full of possibilities and we strive to carry that over to our customers.

Complete the following statements:
“ Through experience, I’ve learnt that…..”
“Through experience, I’ve learned that anything is possible when you put your heart into it”

“ In future my business will offer…..”
“In future my business will offer social clubs, lots of activities for kids, more live events and much more, the possibilities are endless.

What is the most important message you wish to send to the community?
Keep it local because local is “lekker” and green and great for your direct environment.


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