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Around 3 months ago, in conjunction with SAP Dagamaskop the Hartenbos Heuwels community got involved in Community Policing. We currently have around 50 members that work voluntarily to do daily / nightly patrols in our area.

We have had great success in combating the increase of crime in our area and have arrested many suspects in the area.

We have been successful in assisting with the prevention of house robberies and other crimes in our area.

We work under leadership and in conjunction with Warrant Officer Tommie Kleynhans and Colonel Van Der Sandt of the Dagamaskop Police Station – 044 606 2200.

All the above is done at our own expense and in our own time. We are trying to protect our area and bring back the safe family environment that Hartenbos should be. A passion for a safe, secure drug free environment to live in and to raise a family is what drives us.

We are calling on the residents to join our group or alternatively make a donation to assist with the community safety project.

Donations can be made to: / Donasies kan gemaak word by:

Account Name: CSF Hartenbos
Account Number: 2007494000
Branch code:147205
Langeberg Mall

Police Sector 2 Numbers : 082 379 2449 or 079 894 1647
Rondom drie maande gelede,in affiliasie met SAP Dagamaskop, het die Hartenbos Heuwels gemeenskap betrokke geraak in Gemeenskap Polisiëring. Ons het huidiglik 50 lede wat daagliks patrolleer in ons area op ‘n volunteerbasis.

Ons het groot sukses behaal in die bekamping van misdaad en het verskeie kriminele al gearresteer.

Ons was ook suksesvol in die voorkoming van inbrake en ander misdade in ons area.

Ons werk onder leierskap en in samewerking met “Warrant Officer” Tommie Kleynhans, en Kolonel Van der Sandt van die Dagamaskop Polisie Stasie –
044 606 2200.

Al die bogenoemde word gedoen teen ons eie onkostes en in ons eie tyd. Ons probeer die gemeenskap in ons area beskerm en die veilige familie omgewing skep wat Hartenbos moet wees.

‘n Passie vir ‘n veilige, dwelm-vry omgewing om in te woon is ons motivering.

Ons doen ‘n beroep op al die inwoners om by ons groep aan te sluit, of om ‘n donasie te maak om te help met die Gemeenskap Veiligheids Projek. •

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